If Football Gods Exist, Oklahoma-Alabama Will Be the BCS Championship Game

Thomas H.Correspondent IDecember 5, 2008

I'm sick of Florida winning. I got bored of hearing how fabulous Colt McCoy, Graham Harrell, and the Texas football teams are.

I want Alabama; I want Oklahoma!

I don't care how much Florida wins by. I don't care if Texas beat Oklahoma. Alabama is undefeated and beat LSU in a game in Louisiana! Remember the last year team? They weren't anything as complete, connected and fighting as this year. The defense has stepped up, John Parker-Wilson and Glen Coffee have led this offense and Nick Saban has guided them throughout it all!

Texas hardly beat Oklahoma, and everyone who has seen that game and other Sooner games know that they are normally better than that. They beat Texas Tech when the Red Raiders were at their pinnacle and then went on to beat down Oklahoma State. Sam Bradford has been incredible, yet he isn't really a Heisman contender? Seriously?!

Now, in truth, Oklahoma will probably pass Mizzou and go to the championship game.  They are picked my most to win big beacuse the Missouri team hasn't been as powerful as people had expected.

It's a scary thought that people can doubt a team that goes undefeated! Florida is projected to win this game, but they lost to Ole Miss! Alabama had some close ones, but they never got a "1" in the loss column.

So, Football Gods, do what is right. We know Tim Tebow and Florida is good, but the people want the story. They want a new game. (Truly, they want a playoff, but for now this will do). Coming out of this weekend, let their be an original game!