LeSean McCoy to Stay at Pitt

Julianne PelusiContributor IDecember 5, 2008

The 101st Backyard Brawl would have been the perfect ending to Pitt's sophomore tailback LeSean McCoy's success at Heinz Field. 


McCoy ran for two touchdowns in the fourth quarter against West Virginia on Friday for a 19-15 Panther victory over the Mountaineers, which was assumed to be the last game at Heinz Field for McCoy—until just days before the game, when McCoy announced his intent to return next season.


Other Pitt greats, such as Larry Fitzgerald, have been eligible for the NFL draft after their sophomore year, due to completing a year at a prep school before playing at the collegiate level. McCoy, however, is not ready to take that step in his career.


"I feel I am not ready yet. Right now, I'm in school, I'm enjoying myself, I'm not pushing to go anywhere," he said.


And even after finishing Friday afternoon's game with a career high 187 rushing yards, McCoy reiterated during the post-game press conference that he would be staying at Pitt for another year.


"We still have a lot to accomplish here," McCoy said. "I want to help get Pitt back to the powerhouse Pitt used to be."


The Panthers have not won the Big East since 2004, and McCoy's return next year would make them the favorite to win the title again.


And maybe give the Panthers another Heisman trophy winner.


McCoy and the Panthers will travel to East Hartford this weekend take on Connecticut (7-4, 3-3 Big East) this Saturday at noon.