This Could Be The Week That Was

Richard MarshSenior Analyst IDecember 5, 2008

The winter meetings open this week here in my town, Las Vegas. Omar has a great opportunity here to help ease the Mets fans pain of the last two Septembers.

I have a great friend who is a major Phillies fan who tells me that MLB will cancel September 2009 in order for the Mets to get to the playoffs. I really don't need to hear that, but if this week doesn't produce some major results or laying the groundwork for the blockbuster we need, then maybe his joke is our reality for 2009.

So far the impatient ones are extremely nervous because of the lack of activity on the part of the Mets. I am a little but not exactly because of previous years. Our best players acquired didn't happen until later in the winter and this year might night be any different.

With that said, I believe this year it needs to happen sooner rather than later. Yes it's true we may have more money than other teams are willing to spend but one must also look at the players side.

They don't want to wait until the end of January or February to find out where they are going to be. They are getting pressure from their wives and family about where they are going to move and that is a process that takes time.

Here's my ideal picks for 2009. K-Rod for sure over Fuentes. Younger, more pitches, loves the spotlight and wants to be here.

Trade for Huston Street. He was dominant in 2007 and is bound to bounce back. Take a shot on Chad Cordero if he's medically fit and then go for a front line starter. Lowe or Burnett is the answer and definitely bring back Pedro at a lower pay and let him finish the job he wants to finish.

Finally, loose Castillo, no surprise there, and go for Orlando Hudson, and please take a run at Manny. We can only gain from that and make our lineup fearsome.