WWE: How Being Hated by CM Punk Saved John Laurinitis' Career

Justin TensityContributor IIIOctober 14, 2011

Hi Colt Cabana how ya doing?
Hi Colt Cabana how ya doing?

"You know why {Vince McMahon}’s not a billionaire? Because he surrounds himself with glad-handed, nonsensical, d(censored)g yes men, like John Laurinaitis..."

CM Punk’s infamous shoot on July 27, 2011 broke a lot of barriers. The least of which was, he became the first person to mention WWE’s VP of Talent Relations (or WWEVPTR) John Laurinitis. Punk was later quoted in interviews as saying that his shoot was totally unscripted and entirely from the heart. CM Punk truly had a hatred, or at the very least a bone to pick with this man.

Prior to the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, John Laurinitis was not a well known man in wrestling. He had never been featured on WWE programming, but IWC fans knew him as JR's successor who was responsible for signing new wrestlers and bringing back old ones.

Laurinitis started to appear on message boards earlier in the summer saying that he was going to lose his job if he couldn’t bring back CM Punk and Rey Mysterio. He had failed to re-sign Chris Jericho, and Vince was losing confidence in his abilities to bring up new superstars. He had an entire company’s worth of heat on him and Punk’s shoot and departure would be the nail in the coffin of "Funk-Man."

So, how is it then that the WWEVPTR is now the Raw Interim General Manager (RAWIGM)? The answer is because CM Punk mentioned him. By expressing his hatred Punk invited Laurinitis into the show and gave him a ton of heat with crowds, especially to older fans.

That, children, is how being hated by the best wrestler in the world saved Johnny Ace’s career. He went from floundering executive to the WWE’s heel authority in the course of a few months. He appears to have job security and a limited-time role on weekly television.

To Johnny’s credit, he is the brother or Road Warrior Animal and he invented a wrestling move known as a sit out face-lock bulldog, a cutter, a stunner, the RKO, Apocalypse or Twist of Fate-depends on who you like.