Lindy Ruff to Turn Back Time

Matt JamesContributor IDecember 5, 2008

After last night's loss against the Florida Panthers, Lindy Ruff head coach of the Buffalo Sabres called a team meeting to announce a controversial time travel plan.  This was a drastic measure that was taken after last week's announcement of setting the team's schedule and scoring records back to zero failed.

Doc Brown and Marty arrived in a Delorean shortly after 11 PM at the HSBC Arena.  The original meeting set for last week was delayed due to the fact there was a lot of back up traffic getting from 1985 to present day.

The time travel that the Sabres front office is hoping to achieve would be desperation move to lock down Chris Drury and possibly Daniel Briere.  While in the process of time traveling they have also make a stop to warn the Buffalo Bills against a really big Schobel contract.

As an outsider looking in to the organization I'm shocked and pleased that the Buffalo Sabres are going to be saved by controversial technology from the '80s.  I have full faith things are about to turn around!