New York Mets Have to Fill the Holes With Goodness

Sean MatraiContributor IDecember 5, 2008

The bullpen isn't just the problem here. The Mets should or might already be considering offering AJ Burnett a contract. Hey, he's a great pitcher and we'd love him to come start here at Citi Field. Well I'll give you a few choices on who they could get and I'll explain the confirmed rotation.

Confirmed rotation:

1.Johan Santana

2.Mike Pelfrey

3.John Maine



Without question, the Mets have got to seek out starting pitching and fast. Otherwise, they'll have the same problem as the Atlanta Braves. Here's my top three picks on who they could get:

1.Oliver Perez: If he accepts arbitration(good one!) that will be great for the Mets, but if he doesn't, Omar will probably sign this guy to a contract. He does work well with Dan Warthen (pitching coach) so we will see.

2.AJ Burnett: I could very well see Omar pop open the wallet and sign this guy to a five year deal for around $80-100 million. I'm sure he can fill the void in the starting rotation.

3.Derek Lowe: He is a veteran and could be just what the Mets are looking for or in this case what Omar is looking for. He did well for the Dodgers, keeping his ERA at 3.24 so we'll see.

I honestly don't see CC coming here anymore. And one other thing, Johnathan Neise will probably fill the fifth spot.