Tommy Tuberville Was Fired, a $5.1 Million Reason

mpeskyContributor IDecember 5, 2008

Who believes that Auburn University will pay Tommy Tuberville $5.1 million out of the goodness of its heart?

If we can believe the press, Coach Tuberville's contract says that he would get zero if he quit. He would get the $5.1 million only if he was fired.

The powers at Auburn have been trying to rid themselves of Coach Tuberville for some time. Now, they are so sad that he is gone, they will pay him all these millions. Hog wash...the eagle has not landed. It has crashed.

I resent Coach Tubville's seven fingered antics. It was a classless act. It was a insult to Alabama and all its fans, but I think Auburn will regret this "parting of the ways."

I understand that they want Coach Tuberville to remain part of the Auburn Family. Hog Wash...again. Tuberville is to join Coach Pat Dye?

On what grounds did Coach Pat Dye exit the Auburn Program?

Pat Dye Field? Maybe there will be a Tuberville Locker Room.