Wayne Rooney's 10 Most Notorious Moments

Devil in a New DressSenior Writer IOctober 14, 2011

Wayne Rooney's 10 Most Notorious Moments

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    Wayne Rooney's play was dismissal in England's Euro 2012 qualifier against Montenegro, and the subsequent three-match ban imposed by UEFA has put England in a precarious position for the tournament, as his actions have let down his country and his teammates.

    At a certain point, maturity and responsibility ought to be exhibited. But for Rooney, that seems to be a no-go area. This season it looked like he'd given up his old ways but we were duped.

    Here's a look at the 10 most notorious moments of Wayne Rooney's career.

Rooney Tries to Break Kranjcar's Leg

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    This is more about what could have been as opposed to what happened.

    Intent to do harm is quite clearly not a lesser evil.

Revenge on Samba, 2008

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    Not getting what you want is no reason to deliberately try to hurt a player.

Elbow on Faye, 2009

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    Aggression and hunger should not the take the place of common decency. Sadly, a lesson that should have been learned here wasn't.

Madness in Montenegro, 2011

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    I'm glad Rooney has been banned for three matches, because now the world will see who he really is. 

    You've got Messi, Xavi and Iniesta—why don't you copy their example, instead of being the laughing stock.

Rooney in Portugal, 2006

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    Again, just because you don't get the decisions you feel you deserve is no reason to stamp your studs on your opponent. That's just petulant and irresponsible.

Rooney Tries to Hit the Referee, 2009

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    Some have said Rooney was simply trying to return the ball to the site of the infringement, while others have argued that it was a blatant attempt to hit the referee, or at least one of his opponents.

    Ultimately, it was wholly unnecessary.

Rooney vs Porto, 2006

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    An elbow to the head, regardless of the severity of the impact, will always be frowned upon in Europe, if not the Premier League.

    Flailing arms have no business whatsoever being near your opponent's face. You don't have to be Einstein to know that.

The Strange Case of McCarthy, 2011

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    Why this merits a reassuring arm around the shoulders and not a red card is a question we all, and Rooney would have asked when the referee came over.

    Crazy doesn't half describe Rooney here.

Rooney vs Aalborg, 2008

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    First the lunge, then the tackle and, to top it off, a body stamp. Signed, sealed and delivered.

    When you are such a good football player, why not let the football do the talking?


Rooney's Message to the Supporters, 2010

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    The fans may have been premature with their booing, but looking at the end-result they weren't out of place.

    If you think yourself a world class player, why not play like one?

    Instead of giving out to fans who've traveled halfway round the world to watch you play football, why don't you just shut up and actually play?