Hoping for an Evander Holyfield Upset

EJ ClaudioCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2008

Evander Holyfield, 46 years old, will be facing a behemoth in WBA Heavyweight champion, Nikolai Valuev. And I'm hoping he overcomes the odds and win.

I'm saying this because of two reasons. First, Holyfield is not going to quit until he becomes a champion again for the fifth time. I have nothing against him and he is an all time great. I fear that he is risking his health and another fight may result in serious damages. I am thinking that if he wins, he will finally retire and think of another way to earn a living. Anyway, he did mention that he will write a book once he wins again.

Second, If he wins, we will finally get rid of the giant, Nikolai Valuev. It is embarrassing to see a fighter like Valuev being hailed as a champion. He is a circus act and they should just make another division like Superfreaky Weight or something, and fight Butterbean or James Toney for the title. This a good chance to finally get rid of Valuev.

As you can see, with Holyfield winning, we hit two birds with one stone. It's going to be good for Holyfield and good for the sport we love, boxing.