What If...The M's Got Abreu

Shanan H.Analyst IDecember 4, 2008

Bobby Abreu ended his relatively short stint with the Yankees last week, and although the Mariners haven't expressed interest in the power-hitting right-fielder, what if they were able to add him?

Lets face it; if the Mariners want people playing in the outfield, they either call up rookies, which is a huge risk, but can be worth it, they re-sign Rauuuuul, of they sign some other free agent.

Could that free agent be Abreu?

If Abreu joined the team, he would be the three-hitting right fielder, just like on the Yankees.  Ichiro would have to play center, and Beltre would hit 5th. 

If the M's sign Abreu, they will only need to have one rookie in the outfield, and they will have a reliable three-hitter.

It's up to you, Jack, do we get Abreu?