New York Jets Fans, Take a Deep Breath, the Team Will Turn It Around in 2011

Adam Ramirez@NYNJsportsguyContributor IIOctober 13, 2011

Rex Ryan's Team faced two 3-game losing streaks in 2009, but still reached the AFC Championship game.
Rex Ryan's Team faced two 3-game losing streaks in 2009, but still reached the AFC Championship game.Nick Laham/Getty Images

OK Jets fans, take a deep breath.

Count to 10 and think about your history following this team, the Rich Kotite years and the Al Groh and Mangini collapses.

Now come to the realization that you’re all overreacting about being 2-3 early on in the season.

Rex Ryan sets the bar the highest it can be set, that’s the way he likes it. Because of this, Jets fans expect their team to perform to the lofty expectations of an unwavering optimist when we all know at heart Jets fans are universally pessimistic.

The head coach’s expectations aside, Jets fans don’t need to think too far back to remember a much darker time in the organization’s era. Remember when Herman Edwards was coaching in the not too distant past? Making the playoffs was a feat to be celebrated back then, and now a minor bump in the season has sent fans into a frenzy as they call for the heads of Brian Schottenheimer and Mark Sanchez.

It’s understandable to expect great things from the Jets this season, but don’t bury the guys after five games. There’s a lot of time to right the ship and I fully expect Rex Ryan and company to do that.

The Jets last two losses have come against two potential Super Bowl champions on the road. Freaking out about the season after losing to the Ravens and Patriots is ludicrous. No, the Raiders won’t be winning a title this year, but a lot of coaches will tell you how hard it is to play in Oakland, not to mention it was a classic trap game with Baltimore and New England looming.


Take away a tough road loss to Oakland and what incredulous football crime have the Jets committed? They lost back to back road games to potential AFC Champions. Name five teams in the league that could go into Baltimore then New England and win both. Show me 10 that could win one of those matchups! I don’t think you can.

The Jets have been a great second-half team under Ryan, winning the games they need to when their backs are against the wall. They suffered TWO three-game losing streaks in 2009 and went to the AFC Championship game. The fact remains that the Jets are a talented team with playoff experience (the anti-Bills). Yes, they play in New York where a three-game losing streak calls for a white flag surrender, but let's not sound the season ending alarm yet.

The Jets are loaded with talent and Rex Ryan is a good head coach. The man brought the Jets to the brink of the Super Bowl in his first two years not long after Jet fans celebrated Herman Edwards taking the Jets to the playoffs in back to back years (and he never made the conference championship game). So let's all take a step back and appreciate how far the Jets have come since then.

I won’t call for optimism from the Jets faithful, but how about a little less pessimism? 




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