Oregon Football 2011: How to Make Autzen Stadium Loud Again

Nate Hanson@natemhansonCorrespondent IIOctober 14, 2011

Oregon Football 2011: How to Make Autzen Stadium Loud Again

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    The Oregon Ducks football team contains a lot of firepower in LaMichael James, Darron Thomas and Cliff Harris.  But where is the firepower is that firepower when it comes to the fans?

    The Eugene Register Guard published a piece today talking about how the Autzen Stadium crowd has become lazy and quiet. They used to be ferocious.

    Autzen stadium used to be known as a place "great teams go to die." Not so much anymore.

    It's time for Ducks' fans to go back to school. And no, I don't mean college. It's time for Cheering 101.

    Get out your notebooks and sharpen your pencils. Class is in session.

5. Don't Tailgate at Halftime

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    I know you think you're fast and maybe you can jog with the best of them. But there is no way you have time to leave your seats, go down to ground level, walk to your car, drink a few beers, eat a burger and then walk all the way back to your seats before the second half starts.

    It's just not going to happen. You're not that fast.

    Don't tailgate at halftime. Get your sorry butt to the stadium earlier so you can tailgate before the game starts.

    When you're not in your seats for the start of the second half, the stadium is quieter. I know people like to say that they're just one fan and there's no real difference, but if everyone peed in the pool, it'd be a disgusting place to swim.

4. Don't Let That Old Guy Scare You

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    No offense to the alumni and boosters who built the University of Oregon back in the 1930s, but sometimes to be loud you need to be crazy.

    Have you ever wanted to yell at Autzen Stadium and felt like you couldn't because an older Ducks fan was giving you a weird look, rolling their eyes or maybe even asking you to stop?

    That is wrong. They are wrong.

    If you want to make Autzen Stadium the loudest place to play, you need not be embarrassed by what other people think. Deep down, they too want Autzen to be loud and raucous—they just don't understand that it happens from each individual fan's screams.

3. Be Annoying

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    Oregon Ducks' fans used to be known as the most annoying fans in the Pac-10. It used to be a chore to come into Autzen Stadium because you knew they were going to chant clever and creative things at opponents.

    Now Oregon Ducks' fans are hipsters. They have the dark-rimmed glasses, skinny jeans and Chai teas. Being at a Ducks' game is a status symbol for the rich.

    Become a fan again! The reason Oregon is as good of a football team as it is is because of the years and years of soar throats, painted faces and shirtless men.

    You would not even be able to enjoy the Ducks' success these past few years if it weren't for the Laryngitis endured by hundreds of thousands of Ducks' fans before you.

    Learn something from them: you have to be annoying.

2. Don't Forget the Past

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    Maybe you're too young or maybe you just moved to the Northwest. But, you must quickly immerse yourself in history of the Oregon Ducks.

    They used to consistently be cellar dwellers of the Pac-8 and Pac-10. Only recently (since 1994) have the Ducks been relevant.

    A lot of young kids come into Autzen only knowing the "successful Ducks"—the Ducks that are 45-12 over the past five seasons. These kids don't understand where the Oregon Ducks have risen from.

    Oregon used to get absolutely beat up by the Washington Huskies. They were mocked in their own house, and on their own turf.

    ESPN's College GameDay didn't used to come to Autzen at least once a season.

    To the young Oregon Ducks fan out there: lose the sense of entitlement that you carry into Autzen Stadium. You deserve nothing. Put down your Chai tea and represent Oregon like the fans of old did.

1. Cup Your Hands and Yell

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    The No. 1 way to make Autzen Stadium loud is actually the easiest.

    It may not be complicated, but it does involve putting down your Coke or Chai tea.

    There are three steps:

    Step 1: You take your right and left hands and make an "O" shape out of them.

    Step 2: Take that "O" and put it up around your mouth.

    Step 3: The final step is the most tiring: yell the letter "O" as loud as you can until the opposing team snaps the ball.

    Sound complicated? It isn't. And, it's the key to making Autzen Stadium loud once again.

    If you don't seen anyone around you doing this, that doesn't mean you shouldn't either. In fact, that means you should be leading your fellow Ducks' fans by example.

    If every Oregon fan followed these three simple steps, Autzen would be feared as the loudest stadium in the country once again.

    Pass this article along to your Oregon buddies.