Juan Manuel Marquez and Oscar Larios Will Not Boost Oscar De la Hoya's Morale

noning antonioContributor IDecember 4, 2008

The support of some Mexican Boxers to Oscar de la Hoya for his fight against Manny Pacquiao tomorrow will not further boost the moral the Golden Boy but instead will might bring him a bad luck.

Why? Simply becuase some of them was badly beaten by the Pacman, and doesn't even recognize by their fellow mexican people as their hero.

Who are they? Less to mention Oscar Larios, who was toyed by Pacquiao during their fight in the Philippines two years ago.

In that fight held at Araneta Coliseum, Larios was mauled by Pacquiao, and was knocked down twice, but notably the Pacman who is known to his sportsmanship and gentle-hood attitude atop the ring, did not even punished Larios severely and choose to end the bout the whole twelve rounds even though he has the chance of putting down this Mexican boxer early in that fight.

Juan Manuel Marquez? What i know is that this guy who was dubbed as "Crying Baby" tastes the canvass four times on two encounters. But, surprisingly Marquez cried out foul claiming that he had won all the fights.

Marquez, who does not know how to accept defeat and who is an arrogant in attitude did not gained the respect of the boxing world including Mexican people who until now admittedly are not considering him as their boxing hero and are still living under the shadow of  Marco Antonio Barrera, Eric Morales, and Antonio Margarito. Poor guy, he is even considered at this early stage as future Hall of Fame.

Did you hear from the industry considering JMM as future candidate in the Hall of Fame?

The presence of these two boxers who were introduced during the presscon will not boost the moral of dela Hoya because they are loosers on the eyes of the people. To be great you should possess the attitude of a real warrior who accepts defeat and has respect to others. They might serve as bad luck todela Hoya, come fight night.

Now it’s barely a day to go before the fight happens. With the prediction made by dela Hoya's camp on knocking out Pacquiao in the fifth, makes the coming fight even exiting and boxing enthusiasts across the globe are itching to see the fight.