WWE: 3 Do's and Do Not's For Next RAW

A.D. Christian VitaleCorrespondent IIOctober 13, 2011

WWE: 3 Do's and Do Not's For Next RAW

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    Hello, Bleacher Report!

    This past Monday, WWE got a lot of criticism for their episode. Many fans believed that WWE dropped the ball with the current story lines. I am here today to give six suggestions for next weeks episode of RAW. These suggestions are in the form of Do's and Do Not's.

    Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Do: Make Matches Longer

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    Last time I checked, WWE stood for World WRESTLING Entertainment. People come to see promos but, for the most part, they pay to see matches.

    Long matches help superstars showcase their skills to fans. If they win over the audience, then they can be on the fast track to becoming icons.

    HBK and Undertaker are the first two stars that come to mind for always stealing the show. They put their all into any match-up, no matter who it is against.

    We need to see more of that mentality in the roster today.

Do Not: Make a Show Full of Filler Matches

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    Who else thought there were no good matches on RAW?

    We open with John Cena vs. Sheamus. It ends in a no-contest when Mr. McMahon interrupts them.

    Next we have a squash match with Christian defeating John Morrison.

    Following that we have Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry. This match up started good but ended in disqualification when Cody Rhodes attacked Randy Orton.
    Following this match is a Divas tag team, which, as usual, was extremely quick.

    Later in the show, we have and 3 on 3 tag match. (This match I consider the one exception of the night because it ended via pinfall).

    The final match was expected to be CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio. After a nice start, John Laurinaitis came out and instructed that the match be changed to a tag team match with CM Punk and ADR vs. The Awesome Truth. This new match ended in disqualification when Awesome Truth attacked Punk.

    I know that was a lot to take in, but after reading that, do you think any of those matches were quality? I’ll leave you to decide.

Do: Have Announcers Compliment What’s Occurring on the Show

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    Announcers like Jim Ross were always aware of what was happening on the show.

    They could excite fans who were tuning in and give them a run down of what was happening as it was happening.

    I’m not saying that there can’t be a few added jokes in, but new viewers are relying on announces to do what they do best: TALK.

Do Not: Let Announcers Go Off On Tangents

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    Michael Cole: This slide is just for you. I understand your announcer character is supposed to be a heel. I understand that you are supposed to be that annoying mosquito that is constantly flying around our ears. But you are more than that now.

    You have officially elevated yourself to being a constant pain to every listener on television. This past Monday, you come on RAW and immediately take credit for the walkout. Then after talking about that for half the show, you turn your attention to the newly fired JR.

    I get that there was a feud between the announcers not too long ago, but it needs to stop. 

Do: Give Certain Stars the Segments They Need

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    Next week will be the final RAW before Vengeance. As usual, WWE is currently lacking the momentum they need in their story lines to make fans pay for this PPV.

    The WWE will have to pull out something big for all the major story lines. Those story lines include the WWE Championship match, the conspiracy angle, the tag team titles and Vickie’s possible stable.

Do Not: Let These Stars Be the Ones Without Momentum

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    Although every star could use a boost going into Vengeance, these three stars need the momentum to keep the story line exciting. These three superstars are Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and R-Truth.

    Let me start with our current WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio. This past Monday, he competed in a match against the returning Awesome Truth, only to leave Punk in the middle of the match.

    I realize that the angle was meant to set up Triple H coming down to help Punk, however, couldn’t ADR have stayed and assisted in the post-match beat down? It could have given he character so much more credit than him simply walking out with his title.

    If they want ADR to walk out of Vengeance with the title, they need to make him a legitimate threat.

    The last two are Awesome Truth. These two have done an excellent job in staying off the RAW shows and limiting their appearances to PPV’s. It adds much needed excitement and leaves fans clueless.

    Next RAW as well as Sunday is a defining moment for their careers and they should not lose their momentum now.


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