Red Sox David Ortiz to New York? Everybody Just Calm Down

Jon O'ConnorCorrespondent IOctober 13, 2011

Does David Ortiz have a future in the Bronx?
Does David Ortiz have a future in the Bronx?

Rumors, rumors, rumors. 

Now Big Papi, David Ortiz, has brought more nervousness into the minds and hearts of Red Sox Nation. After all of the issues that they've already been through the last couple weeks, this could be turning into the most devastating offseason the current generation has ever seen.

David Ortiz apparently mentioned the idea that joining the enemy wouldn't be such a bad idea. To me, Ortiz is what they call a pro's pro. He plays hard day in and day out, and if you were to look in the dugout in September, during the collapse, nobody was more heart broken and frustrated than Big Papi was. 

You have got to think that all of the drama that has gone on with the Red Sox is getting to a boiling point now for veterans like Ortiz. One question, though. Why didn't David Ortiz stop the drama before it was too late?

You can't tell me he didn't know about the drinking in the clubhouse, or the rumor that players supposedly were not brought together. Ortiz is a driving force. I mean, just look at the man. He's huge. Players respect him, listen to him, and the young players undoubtedly follow him. If he felt there were issues that were inappropriate, why didn't he "step up to the plate?"

Now we are left with this. He brings this idea up out of the blue—maybe he'll explore the Yankees. Well, here is the deal Big Papi, my long time hero. If you want to jump ship, quit, and be a member of the of the team we hate... GO! 

As much as Red Sox Nation loves you, as much as you've become a staple to the DH position in Beantown, as much as the dramatic and clutch homers mean to them, LOYALTY means more. Just the fact that you would mention the Yankees bubbles up the steam.

Either take it back, admit that it's just frustration, and that you're a member of the Red Sox or just go and get it over with.

Because now, David Ortiz, YOU are part of the drama that you yourself are sick of!