Will The City Of Oakland Get Back Great Baseball: Will Matt Holliday Lead Them?

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIDecember 4, 2008

The Oakland Athletics: I thought they were good.  What happened? They used to be pretty darn good.  Their pitching, the other big three in green, Rich Harden, Barry Zito, and Dan Haren (big four if you include Blanton, but he wasn't as big). They were pretty nasty together.  Now all of those men are split up in different towns. 

Harden, and Haren are making pretty good progress. The other one, not so much.  The other one is, you guessed it, Barry Zito.  What happened to him?  Him and the A's still have something in common. They both started struggling at the same time.

Anyway, this article's not about Zito. It's about the Oakland Athletics.  The A's are in a win now mode. They are tired of losing, and I'm pretty sure their fans let them know it too.  They might not be as bad as me and my fellow New Yorkers but every fan has a bad side (I only booed one person on the Mets in my whole life. I was young, it was Guillermo Mota, UGH. He was preposterous at the time).

I think when the A's got Holliday, they surprised more people than when the Mets got Johan Santana (good times). 

The Athletics didn't get Matt Holliday for nothing. They had to give away some pretty good prospects and one great reliever that I hope the Mets get in Huston Street. It wasn't gonna be easy getting this guy, and the A's showed it.  The Athletics gave away their biggest outfield propsect in Carlos Gonzalez, a b class pitching prospect in Greg Smith, and a top notch set-up/closer guy in Huston Street.

Who was this trade better for, the Athletics or the Rockies?  I think this was one of the most even trades I saw.  If I had to pick one, I would say the Rockies, but by a very small margin.  If you are wondering why I say that, I say that because Holliday has only one year left on his contract and the A's gave some pretty good guys for him. 

So, since the A's have to do good in order to bring back Holliday, they are going full force to be a win now team.  I heard that they are interested in short stop Rafael Furcal.  Furcal was tearing up the majors before he got injured early in the season and was out for the remainder of the season.

If the A's can sign Furcal, I think they would in great shape and fit to contend for a World Series Championship again.  I believe if they sign Furcal they should trade Bobby Crosby, their current shortstop in a deal for a pitcher.  Their pitching isn't really that deep and they have some pretty high quality prospects like Dana Eveland, and Gio Gonzalez who didn't have the greatest year by far, but I think he's got a lot of potential. 

To sum it all up, here are the moves the A's should or already made in order to become a great team again and redeem themselves in the AL west as the team to beat.

1. Sign Matt Holliday: They already did and he is going to lead this whole transformation.

2. Sign Rafael Furcal: This guy is in his prime, and he showed it.  He batted .357 in 36 games.  He got injured which ended the season for him, but I think he's eager to finish what he started.

3. Trade for a decent ace or No.2 starter.  I do not have any specific people that they should trade for, but they have a pretty good package that they could offer that can bring them some pretty big names.  The offer that I think they should look around with is Bobby Crosby (If they sign Furcal) and Gio Gonzalez.  Those two should definitely be in the trade.

If they do those things, they will be pretty darn good once again.  Thank goodness, my Metsy's don't play them a lot.