Why Rafael Nadal Will Beat Roger Federer

Joe CottageContributor IJune 9, 2007

IconOn Sunday, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will meet in the men's final at Roland Garros.
Nick Nickel, for one, has already called the match for Federer, claiming that Nadal's days of clay court dominance are behind him.
Don't bet on it.
Sure, Federer's good—the best in the world, maybe. But not on clay.
Recent results aside, Rafael Nadal is still Rafael Nadal. He's still the master of the soft stuff, still the sort of virtuoso that comes along—at most—once in a generation. He is, as they say, the King of the Hill. And don't expect Roger Federer to knock him off this thrown come Sunday.
Will Sunday's match be a close one? Probably. Will Nadal come out on top? You can take that one to the bank.
After all, only a fool doesn't know a sure thing when he sees one.