Baseball Boneheads: The Best Baseball Bloopers

Ryan SmithCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2008

My previous article, MIB (Men in Blue), involved funny stories about umpires and because a request was made, this next one involves funny stories about players.


While we all know everyone makes mistakes, sometimes you just have to laugh when they happen.


No, He Wasn’t In the Running for a Gold Glove


In 1895, New York Giants third baseman Mike Grady made four errors on one play, the only time it ever happened. He bobbled a ball hit to him (one), and his throw to first was too high to first base (two). The first baseman grabbed the ball and threw the ball back to Grady at third as the runner rounded second. Grady missed the catch (three), and the runner headed for the plate. Grady’s throw to home was high as well (four).


It’s Somewhere in My Shirt!


During a Red Sox-Athletics match-up in 1948, Billy Goodman came up with Ted Williams on third. Goodman hit a hard hit ball to Philadelphia’s shortstop Eddie Joost. The ball took a weird hop in the grass, bounced over Joost’s glove, rolled up his arm, and went into his jersey.


He untucked his shirt and danced around until the ball fell out. Witnesses claim it looked like he was being stung by bees. There was no way Joost could throw Goodman out at first, but no run scored because Williams laughed so hard he forgot to run home.


“Where’s Ed?”


Once when the Phillies were playing the Pirates, the Phils’ Bill Nicholson hit a high pop-up in the middle of the diamond. Pittsburghpitcher Bill Werle yelled “Eddie’s got it! Eddie’s got it!” Then, amazingly the ball landed in the grass. No one believed what they just saw… especially first baseman Eddie Stevens, catcher Eddie Fitzgerald, and third baseman Eddie Bockman.


Hey, Not Cuts!


In 1976, Phillies catcher Tim McCarver, who I criticized in my other article The Worst Part of the World Series: The Voices of Fox, was at the plate with the bases loaded. He hit a deep fly ball, something not common for him. Carver sprinted down the line not knowing if would go out.


It did sail over the wall, but Carver was called out. Why? The runner at first base, Garry Maddox had to make sure the ball wasn’t going to be caught and Carver ran right by him. He was awarded a three-run single.


It Got By With A Little Help From a Friend


In 1993, Rangers center fielder Jose Canseco raced back to catch a deep fly ball but lost it in the lights. It bounced off his head and went over the wall for a home run. An professional indoor soccer team, the Harrisburg Heat, was so impressed they offered him a contract. He turned them down.