WWE/Impact/Indys: The 35 Hottest Women in Wrestling Today

TC VreelandCorrespondent IIIOctober 14, 2011

WWE/Impact/Indys: The 35 Hottest Women in Wrestling Today

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    We've all seen these lists before, heck I've even wrote one, but when it all comes down to it, they all end up looking the same in the end.  Usually someone like Trish Stratus, Sable or Stacy Keibler will top the list, so why don't we take a look at the lovely ladies who are currently wrestling in promotions across the world.

    This list will take women wrestlers from WWE, Impact, SHIMMER and other various independent promotions and give you a little information on each, as well as the pictures you all are likely looking forward to the most.

    Remember that this list, like any other, is subjective, but that shouldn't stop you from voicing your opinion.  Take a look and sound off in the comments section.  Where does your favorite fall?  Who would you have as No. 1? 

    Thanks for reading. Enjoy!

35: Beth Phoenix

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    Beth Phoenix is the current reigning WWE Diva's Champion.  A four-time champion overall, The Glamazon is currently feuding with Kelly Kelly and Eve alongside her "Divas of Doom" partner, Natalya.

    Phoenix has been wrestling for WWE since 2006 and it doesn't seem like her dominance will stop anytime soon.

34: Shaul Guerrero

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    Shaul Marie Guerrero is the eldest daughter of current WWE manager Vickie Guerrero and her late husband, the WWE Hall of Famer, Eddie Guerrero.  

    In late 2010, she signed a development deal with WWE and is currently training in FCW under the name, Raquel Diaz.

    Hopefully, if she makes it to the WWE roster as a Diva, she uses the Guerrero name.  That's nothing that should be hidden.

33: Winter

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    Formerly known as Katie Lea, as well as her real name, Katarina Waters, Winter is currently the reigning TNA Knockouts Champion.

    Winter spent two years with WWE, almost exclusively as the valet and partner of her storyline brother, Paul Burchill.  Since Burchill was never given a serious push in WWE, Winter also received the short end of the stick.

    Though her WWE career was less than perfect, it seems that she has found a home with Impact Wrestling, as she continues to be in the center of many feuds with other top Knockouts, such as Mickie James and Velvet Sky.

32: Madison Eagles

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    Many of you have probably never heard of Madison Eagles, and that is understandable if you only follow WWE and Impact.  Eagles is a former SHIMMER champion and a prominent wrestler throughout the independent circuit.  

    SHIMMER is an all-women's wrestling promotion based out of Chicago whose wrestlers also compete in Ring of Honor from time to time.  Eagles has wrestled in Ring of Honor as well as Chikara Pro, CZW and NECW.

    Eagles also runs an all-female wrestling promotion and training school in her native country of Australia.

31: Serena Deeb

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    Many of you probably remember Serena Deeb as the woman who allowed CM Punk to shave her head and become a member of the Straight Edge Society.  What you may not know is that Deeb was an established wrestler long before WWE, and she continues to wrestle today.

    Before coming to WWE, Deeb was a six-time Ohio Valley Wrestling Women's Champion.  Deeb is also currently wrestling for the Great Lakes Championship Wrestling promotion where she is the Women's Champion.

    It is a shame we didn't get to see more of her, as WWE only used her for the duration of the SES gimmick with CM Punk.

30: Natalya

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    The other half of "The Divas of Doom" comes from one of the most respected wrestling families in the history of the sport.

    The daughter of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart and granddaughter of Stu Hart, Natalya also falls into the same family company as Bret "The Hitman" Hart, the late Owen Hart and "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith.

29: Melissa

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    Currently under the name, Cheerleader Melissa, you may remember her as Alissa Flash, or the woman who portrayed Raisha Saeed in Impact Wrestling.

    Currently no longer with Impact, Melissa Anderson now wrestles for SHIMMER, where she is the current SHIMMER Champion.  She has also made appearances for numerous promotions, including National Wrestling Alliance, Jersey All Pro Wreslting and AAA in Mexico.

28: Sarita

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    Sarita, currently a member of Mexican America, a prominent faction in Impact Wrestling, is a two-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion.

    Sarita has wrestled all over North America, including several independent promotions in Canada, AAA and CMLL in Mexico and SHIMMER in the states.

    Although she plays a member of Mexican America on Impact, Sarita, who's real name is Sarah Stock, is actually Canadian.

27: Jesse McKay

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    SHIMMER wrestler Jesse McKay is described as "Everyone's Favorite Girlfriend," and I don't think many would disagree.  She is an Australian beauty who has taken the American independent wrestling scene by storm.

    She has teamed with other indy superstars, such as Madison Eagles and MsChif, and boasts a wide arsenal of high-flying and technical moves.  Don't be surprised to see her in Impact or WWE in the future.

26: Christina Crawford

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    If you think that Christina Crawford looks familiar, you'd be right.  You probably saw her compete in the most recent edition of Tough Enough, where she outlasted every other female, only being eliminated after an ankle injury.

    If you're wondering where else you might have seen her, it could very well be because she shares a striking resemblance to her sister, and current WWE diva, Alicia Fox.

    Crawford is currently training in FCW and it shouldn't be long before she is called up to the main roster.

25: Kaitlyn

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    Kaitlyn is a current WWE Diva who won the third season of NXT, despite the constant struggles with her pro, Vickie Guerrero.

    Currently, she performs on the SmackDown brand as well as Superstars as a minor character, making appearances with many other up-and-coming Divas.

    Before joining WWE, Kaitlyn was a bodybuilder and fitness model, which gives her the edge over many other young Divas.

24: Daffney

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    Daffney's look is unique to say the least, but she's still one of the sexiest women wrestlers around today.

    Her biggest moments in the spotlight came as a TNA Knockout, where she had many high-profile matches against The Beautiful People and Madison Rayne.  She is also known for portraying "The Governor," TNA's spoof on Sarah Palin.  She also wrestled in WCW early in her career, where she was at one point a joint holder of the WCW Cruiserweight Championship.

    Daffney is currently wrestling in independent promotions across the world.

23: Britani Knight

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    Britani Knight is one of the fastest-rising women is professional wrestling today.

    At only 19 years old, Knight has already wrestled in smaller promotions across Europe and the United States, winning many titles along the way.

    In late 2010, Knight received a tryout match with WWE and was eventually signed to a developmental deal.  She is scheduled to begin her training in FCW when she has finished her remaining independent dates.

22: Aksana

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    Aksana was a competitor on the third season of NXT, where she competed under the eye of her pro, Goldust.

    After being eliminated from NXT, Aksana returned to FCW where she became the first woman to hold both the FCW Women's Championship and the title of Queen of FCW.

    She has recently been appearing on SmackDown with a new, black-haired look.  She has most recently been seen giving suspicious attention to SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long.

21: Alicia Fox

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    Alicia Fox debuted in WWE as the wedding planner for Vickie Guerrero and Edge.  From there she grew into a manager, accompanying ECW superstar DJ Gabriel to the ring.

    She continued to develop her wrestling skills and eventually made her way onto both SmackDown and Raw, where she eventually won the WWE Diva's Championship.  She is currently performing mostly on episodes of WWE Superstars.

20: Karen Jarrett

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    Karen Jarrett may not actually wrestle, but that doesn't mean that she isn't influential in the wrestling world.

    The former wife of Kurt Angle and current wife of TNA founder Jeff Jarrett has been a prominent character in Impact Wrestling.  She has been involved in many high-profile storylines, especially during the feud between her ex-husband (Angle) and current husband (Jarrett).

    Karen Jarrett is currently the vice president of the Knockouts Division.

19: Madison Rayne

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    Madison Rayne got her start nearly five years ago in SHIMMER and has continued to grow and develop as a wrestler.

    After spending several years in smaller promotions, Rayne got her break in TNA where she joined Velvet Sky and Angelina Love as a member of The Beautiful People.  She has since become both a Knockouts Tag Team Champion and Knockouts Champion, being the first person to hold both titles simultaneously.

18: Mickie James

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    Mickie James is one of the most decorated women in wrestling today.

    After working for Ring of Honor and appearing in TNA early on in her career, James singed a developmental deal with WWE and eventually made a huge impact upon her debut.

    She was first portrayed as Trish Stratus' biggest fan, following Stratus around to the point of almost stalking her.  This led to a feud between the two, which culminated at WrestleMania 22, where James defeated Stratus for the WWE Women's Championship.  James went on to win the Women's Championship a total of five times, as well as one run as the Diva's Champion.

    She has since joined Impact Wrestling where she is a two-time Knockouts Champion.

17: Lacey Von Erich

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    Lacey Von Erich is the first third-generation superstar to come from the legendary Von Erich family.

    After a failed WWE developmental run, Von Erich made her way through the independent circuit, eventually landing a role in TNA as a member of The Beautiful People.  While in TNA, she held the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship under the freebird rule with Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne.

    She currently wrestles in independent promotions across the country.

16: Rosa Mendes

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    Rosa Mendes was first seen in WWE during the 2006 Diva Search under her real name, Milena Roucka.  Although only placing fourth in the contest, she was signed to a developmental deal and quickly became the Ohio Valley Wrestling Women's Champion.

    She broke into WWE in 2008 as a part of a storyline between Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix, claiming to be Beth's biggest fan.  She later moved to the ECW brand where she began managing everyone's favorite superstar, Zack Ryder.  She then moved to the SmackDown brand where she still resides and appears occasionally, both on Friday nights and on Superstars.

15: Maxine

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    Maxine debuted in FCW in 2009 and competed on both the third and most recent season (Redemption) of NXT.

    Though she has never made it to the main WWE roster, Maxine has made an impact in FCW, where she is currently serving as the active general manager.

14: Angelina Love

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    Angelina Love spent several years in WWE developmental without ever making it to the main roster.  After being released from her contract, she spent some time in the indys and in Mexico before making her breakout in TNA.

    Teaming with Velvey Sky as The Beautiful People, Love quickly became a member of the most well-known women's stable in professional wrestling.  For several years, Love and Velvet Sky dominated the Knockouts Division before breaking apart from Velvet Sky and creating new storylines.

    Love is a record-setting five-time Knockouts Champions as well as a former Knockouts Tag Team Champion with her current ally, Winter.

13: AJ Lee

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    AJ Lee was the third place finisher of the third season of NXT.  She currently competes both on SmackDown and in FCW.

    AJ was the first woman to hold both the FCW Divas Championship and the title of Queen of FCW, though, not at the same time.

    Currently, she is making appearances on NXT: Redemption, feuding with Maxine.

12: Leah West

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    Leah West is a relative unknown in the professional wrestling world, but she could become a breakout star at any time.

    The Australian is currently performing in FCW under a WWE developmental contract.  Before being signed by WWE, West wrestled and trained in Canada for Prairie Wrestling Alliance, the same organization that current WWE Diva Natalya performed in.

11: Christy Hemme

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    Christy Hemme was the first-ever winner of the WWE Diva Search.  She became a widely recognized Diva after entering a feud with Trish Stratus and gracing the cover of the April 2005 edition of Playboy.

    After a couple of years with WWE, Hemme moved to TNA where she has managed, wrestled and most currently performed as the ring announcer and backstage interviewer.  Hemme is rumored to have one of the most lucrative contracts of all women in Impact Wrestling.

10: Jennifer Blake

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    Jennifer Blake, often known as Girl Dynamite, is a Canadian wrestler who is most widely known for her work in the Mexican promotion AAA as well as SHIMMER.  Currently, she is one-half of the AAA Mixed Tag Team Champions alongside Alan Stone.

9: Eve Torres

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    Eve Torres, a former model and NBA dance girl, broke into WWE in the 2007 edition of the Diva Search in which she won.  After a brief stint in FCW, she made her debut on the SmackDown brand as a backstage interviewer and later as an in-ring performer.

    Eve made the move to Raw and has since won the WWE Diva's Championship twice, including a fatal four-way victory at the 2011 Royal Rumble over Layla, Michelle McCool and Natalya.  She is a current ally of Kelly Kelly in her feud with the Divas of Doom, Beth Phoenix and Natalya.

8: SoCal Val

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    So Cal Val is not a wrestler, but she has been a major character in Impact Wrestling since 2006.

    On Impact, SoCal Val has performed as a ring girl, announcer, interviewer and manager.  Her most prominent storyline came when she became the on-screen girlfriend of Jay Lethal.  The two were set to wed at Slammiversary in 2008, but the wedding and relationship was complicated by Sonjay Dutt.

7 and 6: Bella Twins

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    The Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie, are hard to tell apart, but they have both become big superstars in WWE.

    The two made their WWE debut in 2008 on the SmackDown brand and instantly used their identical images to their advantage.  Their signature move is Twin Magic, where the one who is wrestling in the match will roll out of the ring when tired, allowing the other twin to enter the match fully rested.

    Using the Twin Magic, Brie Bella was able to capture the WWE Divas Championship from Eve.  Currently, they are feuding with AJ and Kaitlyn on Superstars.

5: Layla

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    Though she is currently inactive due to an injury, Layla is a WWE Diva who is sure to rise to superstar status upon her return.

    Layla broke into WWE as the winner of the 2006 Diva Search and began sporadically appearing on SmackDown.  She later joined the ECW brand and became a member of the Extreme Expose with Kelly Kelly and Brooke.

    Her most prominent role was a a member of Lay-Cool with Michelle McCool, where the two became the WWE Women's and Diva's Champions.

4: Maryse

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    Maryse was a participant in the 2006 Diva Search, and although she was the second woman to be eliminated, she was signed to a development deal shortly after.

    The French beauty went on to become a two-time WWE Diva's Champion and most recently became the host of NXT.  Maryse is currently out of action due to an abdominal hernia injury but will no doubt make a big return when fully recovered.

3: Miss Tessmacher

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    Brooke Tessmacher, who's real last name is Adams, was originally known just by her first name while performing in WWE.  She debuted as a member of the Extreme Expose on ECW alongside Layla and Kelly Kelly.

    After her brief stint with WWE, she made the move to TNA where she was introduced as Eric Bischoff's assistant.  She was later put in charge of the Knockouts Division, where she continued to develop her heel character.

    She has since started wrestling and is currently one-half of the TNA Knockouts Champions alongside Tara.

2: Kelly Kelly

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    Kelly Kelly has come a long was from her time in ECW as a member of the Extreme Expose and the on-screen girlfriend of Mike Knox.

    After ECW, Kelly Kelly made the move to Raw where she began to compete in the ring.  She later moved to SmackDown and feuded for many months with Lay-Cool.  She continued to work on her skills and character and has become one of the most popular Divas in recent WWE history.

    After a move back to Raw, Kelly Kelly defeated Brie Bella to win her first WWE Divas Championship.  She recently lost the title to Beth Phoenix and continues to feud with her.

1: Velvet Sky

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    Velvet Sky has been one of the most consistent and well-received characters in Impact Wrestling for about four years now.  She may not be the best mic worker or in-ring performer, but her looks and character have helped her stay on the top of the TNA Knockouts Division since her debut with Angelina Love as The Beautiful People.

    She is a one-time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion and has been in the Knockouts Championship title picture on several occasions.  It will likely only be a matter of time before Velvet Sky is the top Knockout in TNA.