04-12-08: What Is My Name?

sayonara sammyCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2008

From the list of clues below, can you guess what my name is?

  • Born in the mid 1960’s I was a natural sportsman from an early age, being talented at many sports other than football.
  • At 17 I was offered a lucrative contract to play football overseas but turned it down.
  • In the same year I signed professional papers with a London-based first division club.
  • Initially making a name in the youth team, I made a goal scoring first team debut two years later.
  • I was hailed as the next big thing but in seven years at the club I only managed just under 70 gamesalthough I did come away with a cup winners medal.
  • My next move took me north to a team in Greater Manchester.
  • I was top scorer in my first season at my new club.
  • I saw more action there notching up over 200 games in six seasons.
  • The third season at my new club was ruined by a serious knee injury.
  • After six years it was time to hit the road again, this time heading further north.
  • I have often referred to my third club as my spiritual home.
  • I finished my career there but not before making 200+ appearances
  • I made my international debut at the age of 20.
  • I eventually played in two World Cups and one European Cup.
  • In my professional career I have also played as a goalkeeper, saving a penalty in my first game between the sticks.
  • I finished my career after 19 years and nearly 500 games with a strike rate of a goal every 2.3 games.
  • After my professional playing career came to an end, I had a brief stint as manager of a championship side.
  • Now in my forties I still play amateur football for my local club.
  • I made several appearances as a pundit on Sky Sports and released a book in 2002.
  • No longer a player or manager I am still a well-known figure in the football world.

What is my name?