The 50 Meanest People in Sports

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The 50 Meanest People in Sports

Any great sports story is like a Hollywood movie; there's a hero and there's a villain. 

Ultimately everyone likes a good guy.  It's impossible not to root for Derek Jeter, Matt Ryan, Kevin Durant, Mario Lemieux, Dirk Nowitzki, Aaron Rodgers and Brandon Phillips.  I mean seriously, there is nothing not to love about those guys.

Usually the hero deserves to win, but isn't it the villain that we all enjoy watching?  Sure it's a little sick and demented, but it's absolutely the truth.

Would you rather have a discussion about the exemplary bunch of athletes listed above or an entirely different conversation about Alex Rodriguez, Michael Vick, LeBron James, Matt Cooke, Shaquille O'Neal, Ben Roethlisberger and Carolos Zambrano. 

Exactly!  And only a few of those villains made this list of the 50 meanest in sports. 

Now, let's countdown 50 of the meanest dudes (and maybe a few ladies) in professional sports. 

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