The 8 Most Unintelligent Football Plays

Brandon Reiter@@thereitanswerCorrespondent IIOctober 12, 2011

The 8 Most Unintelligent Football Plays

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    Let's be honest: Football players are not the brightest group of people—unless their name is Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    Sometimes, the big fellas can get caught up in the heat of the moment and make honest mistakes.

    Really, really embarrassing mistakes... in front of 70,000 fans... and on national television.

8. Tahj Boyd

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    Boyd did an excellent job of evading the pressure, but then he stumbled and made the not-so-smart decision to try and fling the ball out of bounds when he was a good two centimeters from eating the turf.

7. It's Still Loose!

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    How many football players does it take to pick up a ball?

    That's right—seven!

6. Marion Barber

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    Even celebrating can be too complex for football players, sometimes.  I'm not saying I can do a backflip, but at least I know I can't.

    Apparently, Barber needed someone to tell him first.

5. Ellis Lankster

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    Press conferences are part of the game—which therefore qualifies this as one of the dumbest plays ever.

    This just makes you think: how much leeway can you get as a football player, even if you scored a zero on the SAT? 

4. DeSean Jackson

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    I know, I know—holding onto the ball until you're in the end zone is a hard concept to grasp—but hey, we learn from our mistakes, right?

    Well, not DeSean Jackson.  After committing an equally stupid play when he was in high school, Jackson repeated his actions, celebrating a little too soon on MNF.

3. Matt Dodge

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    One thing to do when you're up by less than a TD with a few seconds left: Punt the ball out of bounds!

    One thing Matt Dodge didn't do: Punt the ball out of bounds!

2. Sal Alosi

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    I know the game gets pretty competitive, but former Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi didn't realize that cameras record every play in the NFL.

    Or maybe he didn't know that intentionally tripping a player is against the rules.

1. Texas Tech Onside Kick vs. Baylor

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    The part I don't get: What on earth did the Texas Tech players think they would gain by letting Baylor touch the ball first?