Say It Ain't So: McNamee Produces Evidence Against Roger Clemens

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Say It Ain't So: McNamee Produces Evidence Against Roger Clemens

The Associated Press reported today that, "...Brian McNamee gave federal prosecutors syringes and other physical evidence his lawyers say back the personal trainer's allegations of drug use by Roger Clemens."

This evidence also consisted of gauze pads that were supposedly used by the future Hall of Fame pitcher from the 2000-2001 season.

Are you kidding me? I don't keep two for one coupons from Dominos, but this guy keeps gauze pads that were pressed against another man's ass flesh for more than six years?

Is there something else that we should know about the relationship between the two?

While I am not very learned in the process of injecting steroids and/or growth hormones into my body, I would think that in order to hide as much evidence as possible, I would throw it away, or burn it or at least keep it out of the hands of a man that could convict me and tarnish my career.

After all, this is an act that would not only possibly get me banned from a sport that pays me millions of dollars, but could possibly result in my showing my ass flesh to my new cellmate, Bubba.

Maybe I am being naive to the mentality of the superstar athlete. Maybe I am thinking that no matter how great a person might be, and how often they are told that same thing, that he wouldn't want to leave evidence that he had been cheating at America's Pastime.

If the allegations are in fact true, what happened? Was Clemens so convinced that the guy injecting him in the buttocks with a substance he hoped was steroids was a stand up guy so he didn't worry about future implications?

Was it because he had such fame and prestige at that point in his career that he thought he was bulletproof? Or is Roger Clemens just an ignorant jackass that deserves all the evidence that can be brought against him in a court of law?

I'm not going to take a stance on this one, since I would at least like to give him the benefit of the doubt. That's just the way I am with baseball.

It is the game that millions of young men play with dreams of one day growing up to be in the majors, where they can subsequently act like douchebags to young fans asking for an autograph. It is a symbol of American life, like beer and hotdogs. It is supposed to be filled with men above such foolish acts, such as Pete Rose.

All kidding aside,  I really do hope that the allegations are false. I don't want Roger Clemens to be guilty, not because I think he is a great guy or even because he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

I want him to be innocent for the game of baseball itself. There is enough going on in the world and our country as it is. Other sports are filled with thugs and criminals that seem to have no regard for the law outside the game because they are still inside the game.

I want him to be innocent so that there is one less reason to ignore the game that this country once loved so much, but has cast aside for more exciting action.

I know that there are some people still out there that love the game of baseball and wish for a time when our athletes were just overweight alcoholics whose only concern involving having a six pack was if there were only potato chips to go with them.

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