Oklahoma State vs Texas: Longhorns Will Get a Reminder That They Aren't Relevant

Danny FlynnSenior Analyst IOctober 12, 2011

Mack Brown is not thrilled that Texas has become an also-ran in the Big 12
Mack Brown is not thrilled that Texas has become an also-ran in the Big 12Harry How/Getty Images

As I watched Oklahoma continually embarrass the Texas Longhorns play after agonizing play last Saturday in what ultimately turned out to be a 55-17 massacre, I couldn’t help but wonder how the folks at the Longhorn Network were going to spin the utter destruction that took place at the Cotton Bowl that day.

What would they say?

Would they admit to the fact that they decided to devote an entire 24-hour network based around a football team whose glory days came to a painful end out in Pasadena on that fateful early January night in 2010?

Would they make light of the fact that the once dominant program of the Big 12 has now become just a whipping boy for the conference’s true power program?

Curious, I flipped over to the LHN, saw a screen asking if I would like to subscribe, chuckled for a few seconds at the absurdity of such a question and then continued on with my Saturday afternoon.

No, there’s absolutely no part of me that wants to buy into anything that has to do with the Texas Longhorns right now.

Sure, Mack Brown may have tricked the college football world into thinking his team was a contender again, but after getting a glimpse of what they had to offer on Saturday, I'll pass.

That 4-0 start may have had pollsters fooled, and beating “powerhouses” like Rice, BYU, UCLA and Iowa State is something that Texas fans can really hang their hat on I guess, but the Longhorns proved once again that they are now no more than a second tier group, trying to live off of past accomplishments.

Admittedly, that run they had over the last decade was great. That national championship game against USC probably cracks the Top 5 sports moments of my young life. But in college football, things change in an instant and you can become old news awfully quick.

We’ve seen plenty of prestigious programs go through spells of mediocrity.

Ask Nebraska.

Ask Notre Dame.

Ask Michigan.

Now, it seems that last season’s disastrous 5-7 campaign wasn’t the aberration we had all initially thought it was. Maybe it was just the sound of the wave of constant success crashing down and washing back out to sea.

Or, maybe I’m just overreacting a bit because I enjoy taking pot shots at Texas.

We’ll find out on Saturday whether or not the Longhorns are still truly relevant when the Big 12’s other big boy, the Oklahoma State Cowboys, comes rolling into Austin.

We’ll find out whether the Texas players are ready to come up with a monumental effort like the one we saw in last year’s Nebraska game, or if they’re ready to pack it in and say, we’re not winning the conference this year, why bother.

Oklahoma State is equally as dangerous as Oklahoma. The Cowboys have a three-headed offensive monster comprised of QB Brandon Weeden, RB Joseph Randle and WR Justin Blackmon that is explosive enough to frighten any defense in the country.

The Longhorns had better learn from the many mistakes they made last week in Dallas, because if they don’t, the embarrassment will only continue.

A public relations teacher once told me that falls from grace are never fun to watch.

I guess it's a good thing I don't have a subscription to the Longhorn Network after all.