Derrick Mason: Why New York Jets Were Wise To Ship Struggling WR

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IOctober 12, 2011

Derrick Mason was shown the door in New York. (Getty Images).
Derrick Mason was shown the door in New York. (Getty Images).Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Somewhere in Rex Ryan's by-laws there's the line number 237-b that says you don't have to be a model inmate to fit in at the New York Jets asylum.

Rex Ryan's mantra is a lot like the Statue of Liberty's poem:

"...the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these, the homeless, tempst-tost to me..."

You knew you were in for some fun when the Jets added ex-convict Plaxico Burress to the roster. Nice work release program if you can get it.

Ryan already had someone else's refuse on hand in the form of Santonio Holmes, affectionately known to some as "San-turd-io."

So it wouldn't have taken much for the new guy, Derrick Mason, to fit in nicely with those two go-getters.

But no, seems like the Terrible Triumvirate didn't like the way the seed of Marty Schottenheimer, young Brian, was operating the offense for the Jets.

Reports had it that Plax, Holmes and Mason actually started moaning about it to Ryan.

That's when Ryan remembered the late Hank Stram's bit of wisdom when Stram once told a young newspaper reporter:

"Tommy, you can't let the inmates run the asylum."

Now when one of the inmates adds poor play to a litany of bitching, you get what you've got with Mason.

First he was benched, then this week he was appropriately shipped off to Houston, where he can bitch to Gary Kubiak if he so chooses.

Thus Mason found out that he couldn't make it in New York, but if he could, does that mean he can make it anywhere? Ah, it's up to you, New York, New York.

So this refugee who wanted to be a star in New York can now try it in the Lone Star State.

Maybe it was the 13 catches but we're pretty sure that Mason wasn't being paid by the catch. His contract calls for $1.3 million this year and what's a nearly 38-year-old wide receiver complaining about?

It's obvious that the Ravens knew there wasn't much gas left in his tank but there was Ryan with open arms and one of those big Rex bear hugs welcoming the Ravens Refuse.

Not sure about the "conditional" in the conditional draft choice the Jets are getting from Houston. If it's "conditional" on Mason not complaining, then the Jets might end up with a seventh-rounder in the 2044 draft.

With Andre Johnson out for a bit, the Texans are screaming desperation with this move. Who the heck wants a guy that's been around 15 years?

Houston will no doubt find it comforting to know that Mason hadn't learned the Jets playbook so that in and of itself should make it just as easy for him to not learn the Houston playbook.

Now the Jets can simply take this one and file it under the "What the Hell Were We Thinking" pile somewhere in their front office.

Now Mason can move on and complain and ride the bench in Houston and the Jets can go on to see if they can stomp on that mess from Miami on Sunday.

Miami on Sunday?

Nothing says "wretched refuse" like the good old winless Miami Dolphins.