U.S. Soccer Loses Again, Jurgen Klinsmann and Co. Need to Be Worried

Jonathan AndradeContributor IIIOctober 12, 2011

HARRISON, NJ - OCTOBER 11:  Jurgen Klinsmann, head coach of the United States, sits on the bench before a match against Ecuador at Red Bull Arena on October 11, 2011 in Harrison, New Jersey.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

The first 10 minutes of Tuesday night's game against Ecuador looked as if Sam's Army was going to be able to tally a win for still-new coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

With the final whistle came another notch in the loss column for the U.S. soccer team, leaving them 1-3-1 in the first two months with Klinsmann at the helm.

Although the numbers on the score card showed that the No. 31 world-ranked U.S. squad had the 5-1 shots on goal advantage over their "lowly" opponents, anyone that actually tuned in saw an even match-up followed by the only stat that ever really matters, a one goal to none advantage for Ecuador.

U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard put it best as he explained that he and his squad are still in the "infant stages" with the addition of Klinsmann. Fans, fellow players and coaching staff, alike, all want to believe Howard's "glass-half-full" mentality, but they truly must be worried about their performance as of late.

Previous losses at the hands of Costa Rica and Belgium must worry the injury-plagued Americans since those matchups should have worked as morale boosters for the fans and players.

Even with the increasing amount of injuries the U.S. has dealt with lately, the results are disheartening for a team that is looking to do big things in Brazil once the 2014 World Cup comes around.

If this team can't stay healthy and performances like these continue to pile up, the U.S. fans are sure to use another World Cup flub as the final reason to dislike soccer.