No NBA? No Problem: 7 Things Fans Could Do If There's No Season

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No NBA? No Problem: 7 Things Fans Could Do If There's No Season

So no Lebron or Kobe in the coming weeks?

I say "Big deal!"

There are so many more things NBA fans can be doing with their time since this lockout looks like it could go on for a long time. Here's a list of them (in no particular order):

1. Dust off all of your NBA-related video games.

NBA Jam, Bulls vs. Blazers for Super name 'em, we probably still have them.

So just fire up your old-school system and let 'er rip. (By the way, I forgot the secret codes for most of these games so help a brother out!)

2. Go outside and take a walk.

I know the knock on most sports fans is that we are fat, lazy schlubs. might be true, but here is a perfect chance to change all of that. We can walk down to the nearest basketball court and jump into a game of 21. Doesn't that sound fun?

3. Become a fan of Junior Pro basketball.

I know it sounds odd, but think of it this way...these little eight and nine-year-old kids will someday be the next Lebron, MJ, or D-Wade. At least then you can say I saw them way back when. (Just remember that at this level there is no lockouts for money. Just the love of the game... at least until it's nap time for these baby ballers.)

How long do you think the lockout will last?

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4. Hit up Youtube to watch Old School Highlights.

Where else are you going to see Michael Jordan still rule the courts? Or Magic find Worthy with a sick pass for two?

Youtube, baby.

Plop yourself in your computer chair and overdose on the game the way it used to be, when lockouts were not in the equation.

5. Start your own basketball team.

You know how you and your buddies have joked about how you can dunk like Dwight or shoot like Dirk? Well here's your chance. Grab your boys, challenge those schmucks who live down the block from you and start a four-month season. I'm sure the Rec Department will let you use their courts for an hour a week.

Two reminders: don't forget to squeeze in at least one two-hour practice every week. You wouldn't want confusion among team members about how you are going to run the triangle offense.

Also don't forget to come up with a cool team name like the "Muskrats" or the "Kingsmen".

6. Prank call David Stern until the lockout ends.

I'm sure if the Commish's celly is getting blown up every second of every day by random NBA honks, he might push a little harder to get the lockout lifted—I know I would.

7. Hop a flight to Europe to watch NBA ballers.

With guys like Ron Artest and Deron Williams going abroad to play during the lockout, why not? I mean watching Williams catch an alley-oop for the Istanbul Buccaneers is almost as good, right?

Ok, ok. This list might be a little more pathetic than I thought. But I guess for true basketball fans this just proves, there is no substitute. We need our NBA fix and we need it now!

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