AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Colts

Randy WoodallCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2007

IconNew England Patriots


Indianapolis Colts


Peyton's Legacy


This is the game that Peyton Manning been wating for his entire NFL career. 

Peyton Manning has to seized this moment, if he doesn't than the ever growing monkey on his back will continue to grow. We know this is a team game , and thier is more at stake than  Mr Manning legacy ,  but his legacy is on the line. If Peyton Manning and Colts  somehow lose this game the recovery will  be a hard and long one.This team cannot ask for a more perfect setting, they have the Patriots at home. I expect the the Colts to win this game , but these are the Patriots and they have Tom Brady at Quaterback and that guy with old sweatshirt.

The advantages that the Colts have are vast like say the home field advantage, among other things the new england secondary is banged up and are not the best defensive backs in the leauge.With all the emotion leaning toward Indianapolis this cleary favors the Colts.


Colts 38

Patriots 17