WWE: Answers to the New Questions Posed Last Monday Night on Raw

Josh BarnettCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2011

So many new questions came out instead of at least a couple expected answers. Yes, we also had some answers about the angle concerning R-Truth and the Miz, and we figured out a resolve to the WWE Strike. Bringing John Laurinitis in as the INTERIM GM (emphasized for a reason I will explain) was kind of expected by many.

First of all and I believe most crucial, we learned of the state of The major baby faces concerning Triple H and WWE authority. John Cena, Sheamus and CM Punk showed us all that is right about WWE and how awful the Miz really is.

You will not see the Miz get get back up and fight after being knocked in the mouth. Triple H and John Cena never ever complained of a conspiracy during the time of truly corrupt management, they just beat up people despite managements attempts.

The next big thing was the return of Mr. McMahon.  He has been expected for a short while now so many were not too surprised to see him. I personally was hoping he would be back in charge again. The move to John Laurinitis leads us not to Vengence, but to Survivor Series in Madison Square Garden.

As I mentioned earlier it is crucial to our thought that Laurinitis is the INTERIM GM. Temporary, time filler, whatever term you like. My dad last night could not stand the show watching him in charge and firing JR and the rest. I explained to him as I will here what it all means.

All that happened is a temporary ploy to set up for the Rock.  Youtube has commercial ads for Survivor Series being played currently airing in NY markets, we know for certain that the Rock will compete and will team with John Cena.

We also know that MSG sold out in 90 minutes for Survivor Series with expectations that the Rock will be there. WWE is still as we know attempting an amazing thing trying to keep anticipation for WrestleMania and his match with John Cena for an entire year. WWE knows that not only do they want huge anticipation, they want a ton of PPV buys accross the country for Survivor Series.

Laurinitis is only working to build respect in the heel heavy locker room for himself, so he has a team of heels to stand up to either a team Hemsley or more probably a team Mcmahon. The way it seems to me at least now before Vengence is that McMahon's team will feature Rock, Cena, Punk, Triple H, and Sheamus. And for readers foresight, this team will win and give power in WWE Raw or at least whatever there is to contend with John Laurinitis, back to the McMahon family where it belongs.

The list of heels to count for Laurinitis is too many right now but besides those five for the McMahons, the only guy who has a chance to get on is Mick Foley, rumored to be on his way back to WWE and he could replace most probably Sheamus. Foley would love to work MSG again.