MLB Free Agents 2012: 5 Players Non-Playoff GMs Are Scouting in the Postseason

Ross DurrenceCorrespondent IIOctober 12, 2011

MLB Free Agents 2012: 5 Players Non-Playoff GMs Are Scouting in the Postseason

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    The 2011 MLB postseason is as wide open as any in recent history, with the favored Phillies falling hard to the streaking Cardinals.

    The Championship Series round is full of high-profile stars and plenty of firepower with names like Pujols, Braun, Fielder and Cabrera.

    However, the outcomes of the games aren't the only things being watched carefully.  General managers from around the league are tuning in to take an extended peak at the to-be free agents left in the playoffs.

    Let's look at the five players non-playoff general managers are scouting this postseason.

Albert Pujols

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    The best player of the past decade, Albert Pujols is likely the best right-handed hitter since the Yankee Clipper.

    His numbers are mind-boggling, and even in a "down" year, he hit 37 homers, drove in 99 RBI and hit .299.

    Pujols could very well fetch $30 million a year come this offseason and they could be the best dollars ever spent.

    Top on the list of Pujols suitors?  The Chicago Cubs.

Prince Fielder

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    In any other year, Fielder would be the best free-agent hitter by a long shot.

    In 2011, that's simply not the case.  Even with Albert Pujols in the picture, look for Fielder to fetch a hefty sum in the offseason.

    What team (other than Milwaukee) would most likely get their hands on him?  The San Francisco Giants.  They need offensive help like the Yankees need smaller egos.

C.J. Wilson

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    Left-handed starting pitching is gold currency in Major League Baseball with every team needing extra pitching help.

    The team that needs C.J. Wilson the most is also one of the teams playing in the toughest division in baseball.

    The Toronto Blue Jays desperately need all kinds of help if they want to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox and acquiring the Rangers lefty.

    Pack warm, C.J.  It gets awfully cold in Southern Canada.

Jerry Hairston, Jr.

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    Jerry Hairston, Jr. isn't nearly as flashy as the rest of the players on this list, but his importance should not be understated.

    This veteran utility man has hit .270 the past two seasons and is currently hitting nearly .400 for the Brew Crew this postseason.

    There is no clear favorite for Hairston, but any team that needs to solidify a couple infield positions can add Hairston and kill a few birds with one, experienced stone.

Francisco Rodriguez

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    K-Rod has had a stellar year for the Brewers this season, and is probably the best closer on the free-agent market (though that's currently not his role).

    In 2011, he pitched 29 innings for the Brewers in the regular season and only gave up six earned runs.

    He's as experienced as any closer in the game and should fetch a large number come the offseason.

    As far as predicting where K-Rod will end up, the signs seem to be pointing a return trip to New York, perhaps.  Will he don a Mets hat for the second time in his career?