Tony Romo Sidelined by Chipped Tooth, Paper Cut (Humor)

Michael NevinCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2008

Cowboys Quarterback, Tony Romo, has reportedly sustained new injuries that could sideline him for a few weeks.  These injuries extend what has been a difficult year for Romo, who injured his pinkie finger earlier in the season.

"My pinkie injury was very painful," Romo said on a conference call. "After all, it is one of the body's most vital organs.  These new injuries just frustrate me even more."

Romo's new injuries include a chipped incisor tooth and a violent paper cut.  Apparently, Romo chipped his tooth when he grew impatient while eating a jawbreaker.  According to his doctor, he was very lucky.

"You should never bite into a jawbreaker," Said Dr. Vandelay. "He is lucky his injury wasn't worse.  He could have easily broken his jaw."

Romo later got a paper cut on his right index finger.  According to Romo, his family is particularly susceptible to paper cuts. 

"It isn't the worst paper cut I have gotten, but it is at least a centimeter long," Romo said. 

It has been reported that Romo cut his finger while looking through travel magazines.  Romo was planning a vacation in case the Cowboys made it to the playoffs again.

"It is always good to plan ahead," said Romo's agent. "He was hoping for a first round bye.  Now, this tragedy may prevent him from going to the Bahamas.  Life can be so cruel."

Terrell Owens wanted us to know that Tony Romo is, in fact, his quarterback.  The two were supposed to go on vacation together.

"I really hate paper now," said Owens as he dabbed his cheeks with a tissue.  "I'm never going to use paper again...except for tissues."

Romo said he is unsure how long he will be sidelined.  He is out of band-aids and can't get a hold of his dentist, so it is unclear when he will be able to return.