EPL Top Four in Breakaway Pledge: Its Just Not Fair Says Wenger

True BlueCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2008

Recent developments in the English Premier Leagues' balance of power have led to the so called top four clubs (Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool) setting in motion a long held contingency plan.

A secret agreement has been in place for several years to guarantee that only members of the top four win the title.

The report codenamed "Its Just Not Fair" has three main elements which are triggered according to conditions, the main one being the likely breakthrough of a non-top four club.

An insider claims that for a time last season there was a real risk of "a reaction from the cartel in response to plunging points tallies for one or more of its members".

The top four have modelled there action plan on those of developed by OPEC to respond to oil price volatility.

This year is getting close to crisis for the clubs in question as they have Aston Villa close to hand and the possible developments at the City Of Manchester Stadium in January meaning that the first trigger point has been reached.

1. No Top Four Club will sell players to any other club likely to be a danger.

2. If any member club, of the Big Four, is in danger of being overtaken then the other members are duty bound to lose games to them, guaranteeing points hauls within the cartel.

3. If there is a clear and present threat to the Top Four then all four clubs will set-up a breakaway league of four clubs to counter that threat.

An unnamed contact who was involved in the drawing up of "Its Just Not Fair" claims that a secret meeting was called by Arsene Wenger prior to Arsenals' game with Chelsea and that the approval for action was given in the 56th minute.

All those involved have denied the existance of such a document or cartel.

More to follow.........