WWE Monday Night Raw Results 10/10/2011: The Top 8 Questions Going Forward

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIOctober 12, 2011

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 10/10/2011: The Top 8 Questions Going Forward

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    Last Night's Monday Night Raw seemed to create even more questions and confusion going forward. This segment is starting to become a weekly article for me. I will try to explain some questions and criticisms I have from last night. I encourage you all to give me your feedback.

    I would also like to get your thoughts on last night and the storylines going forward. What questions do you have?

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Why is Kelly Kelly Screaming?

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    Kelly Kelly has added a new move to botch into her arsenal: The Annoying Scream Attack

    Why is Kelly Kelly screaming? Is WWE Creative really trying to pass “screaming” off as new found aggression in Kelly Kelly? 

    I am not a Kelly Kelly fan, but it is only because I have not seen improvement in her for months.  Honestly, she botches half the moves she attempts to perform. It is downright disgraceful that the WWE is trying to push a pretty face that cannot wrestle. There are plenty of good performers that are beautiful as well as talented. Ask Beth Phoenix and Maryse.

    The screaming is making her come across as a whiny brat. I did not want to see aggression from her; I wanted to see it from Beth Phoenix, and I wanted that two Pay-Per-Views ago.

    Also, what is with the tag team matches every week? Does Eve have to come in and win matches for Kelly Kelly now? Where are the singles matches that are made to determine who the best Divas are in the WWE?

    The Divas division is stuck in a rut, and I can only hope SOMEONE fixes it soon. As a Divas fan, it breaks my heart to see mediocre talent being pushed. This should not be about pretty girls vs. talented wrestlers. You can be BOTH!

    Beth Phoenix should be the one out there in the ring. When Kelly Kelly was champion, she was always wrestling. Why isn’t Beth? 

    The WWE can continue to push a now screaming Kelly Kelly, but she is only coming off as annoying. She lost the title. Why would that make her any madder than Beth Phoenix was when she lost? Is it because we are supposed to believe Kelly Kelly feels entitled? That is exactly how she is coming across to me: entitled.

    Kelly Kelly, please stop screaming and go take “Women’s Wrestling 101” again.

What Happened to Zack Ryder?

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    Where is Zack Ryder?

    Ryder had been gaining momentum with victories on two consecutive Monday Night Raw episodes. However, he has been completely absent from the last two Raw events. 

    Can someone in the WWE make a decision on who they want to push and who they do not want to push?

    Every time I think the WWE has confidence in a wrestler, he either loses or goes missing. What was the purpose of Zack Ryder beating Dolph Ziggler twice? I honestly thought we were going to see a feud between them for the United States Championship.

    Instead, we have seen Mason Ryan lately. Perhaps Ryan will be the latest powerhouse pushed into the title picture prematurely. Who really knows anymore?

    I am not a fanboy of Zack Ryder.I am making a point that one second he was being pushed…and now his picture is on milk cartons all across Long Island.

    The inconsistency of the writers is getting annoying when wrestlers who get pushed just die in the storylines for no apparent reason. It causes the fans to be confused. The WWE has had so many storylines and wrestlers simply vanish this year.  When do we, the fans, get closure?

How Can Jerry Lawler Complain About “Change” When He Led the Walkout?

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    Can someone explain to me why Jerry Lawler was complaining about “change” last night on Raw?

    Jerry, you lead the walkout. I know it was a week ago and you have become senile in your old age, but you have to remember that. 

    Obviously, I know it’s scripted, but why make Lawler sound that idiotic? Yes, he is the “face” commentator, but it came across as hypocritical to be complaining a week after you walk out on Triple H. Lawler supported the removal of Triple H, so why would you complain?

    Maybe Lawler was upset that his buddy Jim Ross was “fired.” I only wish Johnny Ace would have fired all three commentators last night. 

    Instead of wrestling, I would rather Triple H’s broom do Raw’s commentary from now on.

Why Is Michael Cole a Play-by-Play Commentator?

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    Michael Cole may be the biggest heel in the WWE today. The problem is that he is our play-by-play announcer. 

    Some people hate Michael Cole because he is so obnoxious and he comes across as TOO much of a heel to be a commentator. I happen to agree that he continues to cross the line of being a heel while commentating. 

    The WWE has a great history of heel commentators, but all of them have been the color guy.  Gorilla Monsoon had Bobby Heenan. Vince McMahon and Jim Ross had Jerry Lawler. I do not believe that your play-by-play commentator should be so openly biased, one way or the other.

    Jerry Lawler was so successful as Vince’s partner in the 1990s because he was able to interject his insults while Vince described the action. Lawler was kept in check because he did not have to talk all of the time; Vince did that. 

    With Michael Cole, he has to both describe action AND interject a bias opinion on everything.  Lawler only adds praise for John Cena and corny one liners at this point. There is no check and balance system between the two.

    Last night, Michael Cole got more of a reaction from the audience than Alberto Del Rio. What message does this send?

    It tells me that Cole is being wasted as a commentator when he should be the next great heel manager. He has the talent and the qualities to be a great manager.

Is CM Punk Turning into John Cena?

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    CM Punk gave an outstanding analogy once about how the Boston Red Sox had turned into what they have always hated: the New York Yankees. Has CM Punk done the same thing and turned into John Cena?

    I do not mean this question to be literal. I am fully aware that Punk is not even close to being the same as John Cena. I only want my readers to pause and look closely at last night.

    It was obvious what Sheamus and John Cena were going to do on last night’s episode of Raw.  They are company men and were going to stick with Triple H no matter what. 

    The real question going into last night was “what would CM Punk do?” Would he align himself with everyone that opposed Triple H? Would he stand alone against both sides?

    No. Instead, he was in the same ring as Cena, Sheamus and Triple H. The WWE has lumped him in with the other faces, instead of keeping Punk alone.

    Punk could justify his reasons any way he wanted to; I still did not like him aligning with the faces. The WWE worked so hard to separate Punk from anyone else in the company, and now all of a sudden he is a team player?

    Since Punk is now the king of merchandise sales in the WWE, maybe he will change the same way John Cena did. Cena went from obscenity laced raps to cheesy one liners heard in school yards everywhere.

    It could happen.

Will Triple H’s Return to the Ring Be Permanent?

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    I know Triple H is still the COO, but with his match at “Vengeance,” you do have to question if his return to the ring will be permanent in the future.

    With his match at Vengeance, he will have wrestled in two of the last three Pay-Per-Views. I do not think I am out of line to question if Triple H will go back to being a full time wrestler soon.

    I once wrote an article about this before Triple H’s match against CM Punk at “Night of Champions.” I assumed he would lose to Punk and go back to being a wrestler.  I of course was wrong, but perhaps I was only premature in my thinking.

    The WWE insists on having Triple H be very aggressive and involved in personal rivalries. Since he is still in wrestling shape, it only makes sense that he would be able to wrestle. Does this damage his image as COO, though?

    Vince McMahon was in some of the most memorable feuds of all time. His power enabled him to hire others to do his bidding for him. Triple H simply takes on all comers himself. The WWE needs to decide if they want him to be an “executive” or a wrestler.

    I know in my article about Triple H’s return to the ring, I thought it could be good for a short period of time. Have Triple H put over talent to make them better in the long run. However, that does not seem to be the direction of the writers.

    When CM Punk and Triple H are aligning themselves against “The Awesome Truth,” no one can win this feud. If Triple H and Punk come out victorious, it buries Truth and Miz. If Awesome Truth wins, Punk gets buried. 

    Permanent or not, I see Triple H involved in matches for the next few months. Whether he will still be COO is unknown, but he is too far in to pull out of wrestling matches for now.

Weren’t “The Awesome Truth” Responsible for the Unsafe Work Environment?

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    Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t the Miz and R-Truth beat up two referees? Were they not the ones responsible for the alleged “unsafe working conditions?” 

    Unless John Laurinaitis is involved in screwing Triple H, this whole thing is pointless. I thought the WWE was moving into a much more complex and interesting story than a power play move by Johnny Ace in order to get promoted. This storyline just seems rushed and not well thought out.

    The reason the Awesome Truth’s return does not make sense is because everything truly has been rushed. The fans have not had time to forget about why the Miz and R-Truth were thrown out in the first place. It is insulting to bring them back so soon. They were half the reason the wrestlers “complained!” 

    It was only a few weeks ago that the locker room threw the Awesome Truth out on the streets.  Now they are being embraced? 

    Mike Chioda, where are you? If this “conspiracy” was all an attempt to get Triple H thrown out, shouldn’t the referees be just as upset at John Laurinaitis?

    Chiodaa, the Divas and a lot of other wrestlers were being used in the conspiracy storyline to oust Trips. It is not as if Chioda is actually IN on the conspiracy. That is where the WWE really dropped the ball. They don’t think we know the difference between the conspirators and those that were just being used.

    The Awesome Truth will now return and everyone will simply forget why they were let go in the first place. I don’t even understand why CM Punk and Triple H are being involved in a feud with them. 

Will there be a Climax?

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    Have we seen the climax in the “Conspiracy” storyline, or are we seeing the writers scramble to make anything work?

    When will we get answers? I still do not have a clear picture of what is going on in current storylines, and they have been playing out for about three months. I want the WWE to construct long term storylines, but I think they should have direction.

    The only thing I see is a storyline that twists and turns with no real purpose. Why did Kevin Nash get involved? Why is Vince McMahon representing the board? What is Johnny Ace’s motivation?  Why hasn’t the WWE Creative team answered one question before moving on to the next?

    Sometimes when you have too much going on, you have nothing going on. That is how I feel about current WWE storylines.