If College Football Had a Playoff System in Place This Year...

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.comAnalyst IDecember 4, 2008

It has never been more clear than right now, that college football needs a playoff system.

If the 2007, and now 2008, regular seasons have taught us anything, it is that polls and standings just don't cut it.

Sure, they are somewhat accurate when it comes to the rankings, but is that we are all prepared to settle for? 

If you are a proponent of a college football playoff, then you realize, like myself, conference title games are pointless and only about money.

When I hear all the talk of how a playoff would decrease the importance of regular season games, I can't help but think "Isn't that, in essence, what a conference title game does?"

The team with the most conference wins at the end of the season is the conference champs, period.

Once the conferences are all standardized with no conference title game, the NCAA then needs mandate all teams only have one off week, allowing the playoffs, integrated into the current bowl games, to start in week 14.

I personally am in favor of a 16 team playoff. The selection of the 16 teams can be done many different ways but here are the best two options in my opinion. 

There are eleven FBS conferences, so the champion from each of the eleven conferences get in automatically and then five at-large teams are selected regardless of conference.

If you don't believe the smaller conferences deserve automatic bids, then instead, there should be six automatic bids from the six BCS conferences and then 10 at-large teams from any FBS conference, seeded similarly as they are in the NCAA Basketball tourney, 1-16.

I actually prefer the latter.

If this were implemented right now, the 2008 playoffs might look like this...


First-Round Games

(Seeds 1-6 are the BCS Conference Champions; teams 7-16 are seeded based on BCS rank.)

No. 1 Alabama vs No. 16 Georgia Tech

No. 2 Oklahoma vs No. 15 Georgia

No. 3 USC vs No. 14 Ball State

No. 4 Penn State vs No. 13 TCU

No. 5 Cincinnati vs No. 12 Ohio State

No. 6 Boston College vs No. 11 Boise State

No. 7 Texas vs No. 10 Texas Tech

No. 8 Florida vs No. 9 Utah

Many of these games would provide match-ups that you might not get to see otherwise and this format would be so exciting to watch, much like March Madness!

While the BCS is a much better alternative to just deciding the champion from the two polls, it's still very flawed.

The only way to determine the best team and true National Champion is to have the best teams play each other on the field until there's only one left standing!

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