4 Players the Sports World Will Miss

Jimmy M Lizarde@@JimmyLizardeContributor IIOctober 11, 2011

4 Players the Sports World Will Miss

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    Players come and go through their careers with recognition of the work they have put in for their respective teams.

    However, there are few who make sports better. What I mean is players who come into a league and have an immediate impact on their teams, create headlines throughout their careers and demonstrate the talent and quality to be remember for generations to follow. 

    With that said in mind, here are the four players who many fans wish their careers would not end.

NBA: Shaquille O'Neal

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    Perhaps the funniest man to appear in front of the cameras and give people a laugh in sports, Shaq was what any franchise team would want. His dominant presents on the court also helped his reputation exceed. 

    He was a man who supported his statements by the performance he had on the court. Although his career ended in misery with the Boston Celtics, Shaq enjoyed a wonderful career.

    To put him in perspective, Shaq played alongside Kobe Bryant (with the Lakers), Steve Nash (with the Suns), Dwayne Wade (with the Heat), LeBron James (with the Cavaliers) and Kevin Garnett (with the Celtics). I do not know much about opportunity but if I analyze all the places Shaq has played in, I must say he has had a great run. 

    What also makes Shaq a player that fans will miss was his off the field energy. He was not shy of facing a camera and expressing how he felt. Not only that, but who can forget how he shot free throws. It's not that I am making fun about it but his free throws were classic and unique that will live in the NBA for generations to follow.

NFL: Brett Favre

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    Favre had an amazing career. Although his numbers do not reflect as much as people would hope, his legacy will never be forgotten.

    The man to start 297 consecutive games in the NFL has shown over the years the attitude to work in and out on a daily basis. His successor Aaron Rodgers may have tied him in Super Bowl wins already but Favre has given the city of Green Bay all the possible effort any player can give to a team.

    Not only that, but he has posted career numbers as well. With 508 touchdown passes, 6,300 completions and a career rating of 86 he has shown the consistency over a decade in the NFL.

    Even though his career was played in Green Bay, it is his last years in the NFL that made him a great story. Him retiring and then returning to the NFL twice created media news that made it seem as if he would never leave the league. Many people may have been against him retiring and coming back but as a sport fan it was only enjoyable to see a man who love the sport so much and continue to play. 

    As much as I do not want to say it, it appears as though the career of Favre is over finally. He has been so open to his career and is a true warrior. Although fans may enjoy him finally retiring it is without a doubt that in general he will be missed as a person who had so much influence in the NFL.

MLB: Derek Jeter

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    Although his career is quite not over, Jeter is a Yankee to remember. He is the man that represents the city of New York and the hard work that any MLB player should follow.

    The "captain" as he is refer has an amazing career with a team that thrives on success. Individually, Jeter has more than 3000 hits with 1,196 RBIs. He does not have the same media attention as Favre and O'Neal have but at the same time he has been consistent through his 17 seasons with the Yankees. 

    Upon his retirement, Jeter will be inductive into the Hall of Fame while also be remember as a historic player in the Yankees clubhouse. What gives him the respect even more is his ability to influence many more players around the league. His presence is like no other and should be recognized among the greatest players ever to play the game. 

MLS: David Beckham

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    Another player on the verge of retiring is David Beckham. For a sport that is rising in the United States, Beckham has brought great attention to soccer. His success over the years in Europe, with the England international team, and currently with the Los Angeles Galaxy has proven to bring fans into the sport. Not only that, but ladies tend to love his sharp looks.

    Although stats are hard to express in soccer, Beckham is one of the most recognizable players in the game. He has had great success both on and off the field and has created a shift of players to come and play in the United States including names such as Thierry Henry and Rafael Marquez.

    His career in L.A. might be coming short but his overall influence in soccer has given fans and the sports a boost that no other player has been able to create.