WWE: Why Trish Stratus Could Revitalize the Divas Division

Josh BarnettCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2011

TORONTO, ON - JUNE 14:  WWF wrestler Trish Stratus and George Stroumboulopoulos present the Vezina Trophy for Top Goalie in the NHL onstage during the 2007 NHL Awards Show at the Elgin Theatre on June 14, 2007 in Toronto, Ontario.  (Photo by Dave Sandford/Getty Images)
Dave Sandford/Getty Images

An interesting aspect of the WWE divas division right now is the power struggle between wrestling and the sexy side to the divas.

Headlining this struggle are the two top ladies contending with each other for the current divas championship: Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix.  

The divas division has lost a ton of spark since the earlier parts of this year, with the departures of Melina, Michelle McCool and Gail Kim, among others before them.

Melina had a bad reputation in terms of locker room drama, but she was one of the best talents in the divas division.

The even bigger losses were those of Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson and Maria and Ashley, as those ladies were perfect happy mediums for divas. 

However, the biggest loss to the divas division the last few years has been that of Trish Stratus.

She is indisputably my favorite and the one many consider to be at minimum top three all-time, with many having her No. 1. Known for a fiery fling with Vince McMahon, she is the best women's champion ever.

However, she abruptly retired to run a yoga studio in Toronto. 

She makes sporadic appearances in WWE currently, and most of the time she shows up, she competes and is very effective.

She is a perfect candidate to bridge the gap in the current divas struggle.  In her career she showed us an amazing sexy side, as she seduced the boss and rose to prominence in the Divas division following a feud with Stephanie McMahon Hemsley.

She never had a problem using her appeal to get whatever she needed from management, and was popular across the country.

After Trish moved on from Mr. McMahon, she focused more on the wrestling and she became the greatest woman's wrestler ever—at least by the numbers.

She became the record holder for woman's championship reigns, with seven. She had multiple feuds with Jazz and Lita, and was a staple in the championship picture all of her career.

After retirement, she continued on WWE with appearances as a guest host, to go along with celebration night appearances. She also helped SCSA on the recent Tough Enough show.

Trish maintains excellent condition, and is a perfect candidate to return to WWE, most probably on the side of Kelly Kelly and Eve and prove that the gorgeous ones can wrestle and appeal to the crowd.

Another angle for Trish to take is to get Natalya in touch with her sexy side, as she could rock a body with the best in WWE right now.

Back in 2003-04, Sable returned in a similar way to what Trish could do.

If WWE is not to bring Trish back soon, another angle is to feature Maryse as a centerpiece; she was a great valet for Ted DiBiase Jr. Layla El will hopefully will return from injury as well.