WWE Monday Night Raw: The Top 10 Angles Coming Out of an Overly Criticized Show

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistOctober 12, 2011

WWE Monday Night Raw: The Top 10 Angles Coming Out of an Overly Criticized Show

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    Since Monday night, there has been a large and vocal group that has said they are simply giving up on the WWE.

    They had so many ideas in their heads of how the night should go that when the night came and went it had no impact.

    I'll be the first to admit that the night was not the best. It was not the showstopper I was looking for.

    However, I look back now and see that the harsh criticisms left and right are unwarranted here.

    No matter how great the opening segment was that set up the show, it was not possible to run the show the whole night that way.

    Admit it: no one really wanted to see Triple H wrestle a mop, even if it has more in ring ability than the Great Khali.

    What fans need to do is take a hard look at what was set up and how many stories can now progress.

    If you look more closely, there are a number of extremely interesting storylines being set up here.

    Let's look at the top ten angles being set up for the future.

10. Kelly Kelly Is Mean Now

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    After losing her title, Kelly Kelly is finally adding some depth to her character.

    She is not a great wrestler, but she is far better than some give her credit for.

    We seem to be heading toward what could be a good contest between Beth and Kelly.

    Only time will tell if KK actually continues her aggressive streak (and perpetual shrieking).

9. Mason Ryan Is Emerging as a Possible Star

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    Lately, most stars that enter the WWE have been thrown to the wayside.

    Look at guys like Jinder Mahal, Johnny Curtis, Michael McGillicutty, and Justin Gabriel.

    While he is gaining some momentum due to his size, it is refreshing to have a new star that might actually be getting some focus in WWE.

    So far, he has had a solid push so far that has seen him pin the US Champion and continue to slowly move up the ladder.

    He is hard working and a monster.

    He also is getting better at wrestling by the day.

    He looks like Batista, and he might end up becoming just as big.

8. Air Boom Is a Legitimate Tag Team

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    These guys have been putting on phenomenal tag matches as of late.

    They have been truly adding real prestige to the tag titles.

    And now they have a combined theme!

    Not just Born to SOS (the mash up of Born to Win and SOS).

    This is a real, brand new song exclusively for the two's tag team.

    I have been trying to find the name for the song, and it seems to be called "Boom" by Jim Johnston though I have not seen confirmation of that.

    Regardless, it is a good song that fits them both well.

    Whoever takes the titles off these guys is going to get a big boost.

7. JR vs. John Laurinaitis

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    Maybe this is wishful thinking, but it seems like the best way to go now.

    JR was fired on Monday, but it was a crazy and unwarranted firing.

    I expect to see JR retaliate soon as he is definitely still under contract with the company.

    There is no doubt about that.

    The question is will he be coming back onto our television screens.

    The answer is almost a definitive yes.

    I see him being a catalyst for rebellion against Laurinaitis and his sinister power to wish people well in their future endeavors.

    Or perhaps I just don't want that night to be JR's final night.

6. Awesome Truth Is Back and Are a Total Wildcard

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    They're back!

    Possibly the two most entertaining heels in WWE today, The Miz and R-Truth are back, and who knows what they will do.

    They could join forces with Laurinaitis.

    They could start beating up more referees.

    Regardless, whatever they do, it will be awesome to watch.

    These guys are ready to make a real impact in WWE now.

5. Alberto Del Rio Finally Get His Win Against Cena?

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    On Monday, we found out that Alberto Del Rio will be facing John Cena at Vengeance.

    This match may seem familiar to those who have been watching recently.

    There may have been a "similar" match at Night of Champions.

    How did that go again?

    Oh yeah, it ended with Cena almost squashing Del Rio.

    This time, things have to be different.

    Cena cannot win the title now.

    It could destroy Del Rio for the rest of his career.

    This means that some how and some way Alberto Del Rio should finally pull out the biggest win of his career and beat John Cena.

4. Cody Rhodes Bags Randy Orton

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    This feud has all the workings of a classic.

    These two have an immense history.

    There has been massive blood spilled already.

    Cody Rhodes is a star in the making, and Randy Orton is the biggest star on SmackDown.

    This can even add some prestige to the once horribly overlooked IC Title as long as these two compete with the title on the line.

    As long as Rhodes doesn't botch a move (wouldn't that be ironic considering what Orton did to Rhodes), he should get over well in this feud. Perhaps this could propel Rhodes to his first World Title and making him the 24th Triple Crown Winner in WWE history.

    Rhodes needs to work on his evil laugh though.

    Of course, Orton needs to work on being human, so it is a fair trade off.

3. There Is a New Power Stable in WWE

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    These guys are not done yet.

    A group of the best and brightest heels in WWE has officially become a stable from what it looks like.

    These guys worked together and looked absolutely dominant on Monday Night Raw.

    Whether they are lead by David Otunga, Vickie Guerrero, or John Laurinaitis, these guys are inching toward becoming the most powerful force in WWE.

    With at least two belts in their grasp (US and IC Title), these guys have control. They may soon be taking the Tag Team Titles from Air Boom.

    Alberto Del Rio has also been with the group on occasion which would give them almost every title in WWE.

    If that doesn't show their dominance, I don't know what would.

    All they need to do now is use their advantages to take out the big stars.

    With Cody Rhodes entering a feud with Randy Orton, we might soon see all of these heels taking serious steps toward main event status.

2. Triple H Is out for Blood

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    Triple H has lost all of his power.

    John Laurinaitis has taken all of the control that HHH once had.

    He was forced out of office without quitting or, in his mind, failing.

    There are a lot of people that HHH is not happy with right now.

    John Laurinaitis, Vince McMahon, the WWE Board of Directors, The Miz, R-Truth, Christian, Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero, Jack Swagger, a poor innocent mop. You get the picture.

    With CM Punk at his side, there are many ways that Triple H can take his revenge on this extremely long hit list.

    The possibilities here could easily surprise us and bring some great moments.

1. The Search for a New GM

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    A point that went almost entirely unnoticed on Raw on Monday is that Laurinaitis was not named General Manager of Raw.

    He was named the Interim GM until a suitable replacement is picked by the Board of Directors.

    They will be looking for someone who is unbiased and has unquestionable moral fiber.

    The possibilities here are endless.

    Think of what this could mean.

    Perhaps they choose "Gandhi" himself, Michael Cole, and he is taken off of commentary once and for all.

    Maybe they choose David Otunga who has every Raw superstars' interests at heart.

    Better yet, this could be the set up for a huge return.

    While it won't be Shane or Stephanie McMahon (no McMahons allowed according to Vince), we could see anyone from Stone Cold to Chris Jericho to Mick Foley. Maybe Shawn Michaels.

    No matter what happens, for now, we should be stewing over the variety of possibilities for at least a few weeks.

Hope Is Still Here

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    Let's not write all this off yet.

    The same talent and potential is there.

    In fact, there may be more potential than ever before with some people now underestimating the WWE.

    My best hopes lie in the company I have always watched.

    I refuse to believe that anything is going back to normal until all hope is gone.

    And it is not gone yet.

    Anything can still happen!

    Thank you for reading!

    What do you think?