Will Arsene Wenger's Experimental Tactics Result in a Trophy-Less Season?

Joseph KutialoContributor IDecember 3, 2008

I'm concerned with Wenger's experimental approach during very important games when the team has a 100 percent chance of winning a trophy.

Remember the Carling Cup final against Chelsea? The Gunners had all of their experienced players available, but Arsene Wenger thought it wise to favour giving a chance to the young stars, and the same happened in the match against Burnley this season.

With this unproven method I feel it will take the Gunners a long time to win a trophy. When they reach the semi-final stage of a competition, I think it is good time to blend the team with some more experienced players.

My suggestion to Mr. Wenger is to take all remaining competitions seriously. Younger players should be given a chance at a level where there is no pressure. Lets not have the same thing happen in the FA Cup.