Biggest "Star" in the NHL

Dylan O'BrienContributor IDecember 3, 2008

If anyone watched the Rangers/Devils series in last year's playoffs or have heard any of Sean Avery's comments in the past, then I am sure you know some of the antics that make a guy like Sean Avery a household name to NHL fans.

Earlier this week after a pre-game skate in Calgary, Avery made some crude comments referencing ex-honeys actresses Elisha Cuthbert and Rachel Hunter and their current NHL studmuffins, Dion Phaneuf of the Calgary Flames and Jarret Stoll of the Los Angeles Kings.

Avery was commenting on the apparent trend in the NHL for "guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds." The funny thing about the whole incident is that ultimately Avery was right. Certain guys in the NHL, namely Stoll and Phaneuf, feel the need to become romantically involved with Avery's ex-girlfriends.

I'm gonna jump off the "Let's bash Sean Avery" bandwagon for two reasons.

Firstly, I agree with Sean Avery's comments, and I don't really think what he said was all that bad. Guys like Stoll and Phaneuf, and the friggin' media for Pete's sake, should expect to hear garbage flow from the mouth of Avery when they're picking up on his "leftovers."

Secondly, it's not like Sean Avery used any profane language in his remarks. He just made a gritty comment directed at Phaneuf in anticipation of the game later that night. Avery was doing his job; he was brought into Dallas by his former Detroit roommate, Brett Hull to stir the pot with his opponents and bring some "edge" to Dallas.

I guess someone has to stick up for the guy. I guess I'llbear that burden, only because Sean Avery is the biggest star in the NHL.

What, you thought it was Crosby or Ovechkin? You silly, silly people.

ESPN featured the Sean Avery fiasco on Sportscenter for at least five minutes yesterday. When was the last time you heard about the NHL for more than ten seconds on ESPN unless it was Barry Melrose or Matthew Barnaby uttering some "half-baked" 30 second spiel about an entire slate of NHL games.

Please people, Americans don't care about hockey, it's sad but true. People would rather hear about Sean Avery slamming his ex-girlfriend than Sidney Crosby having a hat trick.

If Sean Avery is the guy to get some exposure for the NHL, then leave him to his devices and enjoy some boosted revenue from fair-weather fans who wanna see "that goon they saw on ESPN" who just might be the biggest name in the NHL.

Some food for thought. Over and out.