Chicago Cubs 2008 Season In Brief Review

Alan ThomsonCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2008

What words does one begin with when attempting to sum up the Cubs 2008 season?

“Ay Carumba” seems appropriate. “Oy vey” works nicely.

I can think of a few others, although they might land on the wrong side of the foul pole of the editorial guidelines of this site.

Perhaps a humorous approach would be best: “The Cubs arouse fans, then go limp and end up losing their Woody.”

Unfortunately I don’t think Cub fans’ sense of humor is going to even start to kick back in until sometime after the all-star break. And that’s only if they’re winning.

The one sentence that I am not going to use is “Wait 'til next year.” I think we’ve all been walked down that plank just a few too many times.

Well, we all know what happened, so in order to avoid a painful, drawn out recap, here it is in nutshell:


  • Dempster came out of nowhere
  • Fukudome disappeared out of sight
  • Zambrano was all over the place


  • Hill lost control
  • Harden was in total command
  • Lou won the award for taking charge


  • DeRosa broke out
  • Soriano broke down
  • Someone broke a water pipe


  • Samardzija was called up
  • Fukudome got sat down
  • Woody’s been sent away


  • Soto was great
  • The all-stars numbered eight
  • Once again the same old fate


That’s all I’ve got Cub fans. See you in April.