Michael Vick and the 5 Most Visibly Frustrated Players in the NFL

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2011

Michael Vick and the 5 Most Visibly Frustrated Players in the NFL

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    Through five weeks of the regular season, there are definitely some disappointed players out there.  Due to their own performance or their team's play, some players are visibly frustrated, but who is the most? 

    In this article, we take a look at the top seven most visibly frustrated players in the NFL.

5. Santonio Holmes

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    Santonio Holmes has publicly criticized offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer already this season and the Jets offensive line.  After a loss to the Raiders, Holmes commented that the offense failed to make timely adjustments.  Holmes was talking again after the Ravens game, this time saying the offensive line needed to block better and criticizing his quarterback Mark Sanchez, saying he needs to be more accurate. 

    There was also a report that Holmes, Plaxico Burress and Derrick Mason complained to Rex Ryan about Schottenheimer's play calling, although the Jets and all three players denied that story

    Regardless, Holmes is visibly frustrated, and a rightful member of this list.

4. Reggie Bush

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    Who is more frustrated, Reggie Bush or anyone watching the Dolphins?

    The Dolphins seem clueless at how to utilize Bush or get him the ball, which is frustrating for anyone to watch.  While Bush is a good teammate and does not actively complain, he has to be frustrated with the fact that Miami cannot seem to get him involved in the passing game, and that it struggles in pretty much all aspects of the game. 


3. Michael Vick

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    Michael Vick's Eagles are off to a 1-4 start.  Vick has been injured twice already this season, with a hand injury and a neck injury/concussion.  He has been hit often and battered because of a lousy offensive line. 

    After the games, he has said he is frustrated with losing, but still has faith in his team.  That's the right thing to say.  The Eagles have had a ton of turnovers, which is also frustrating.  It is not all lost yet, but if the Eagles do not beat the Redskins on Sunday, their season is officially over. 

    Five teams have started 1-4 and made the playoffs, none of them started 1-5.

2. Kyle Orton

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    Kyle Orton was pretty much doomed from the beginning of the season. 

    The fans were booing him and calling for Tim Tebow.  The fans finally got what they wanted last week when Orton was benched for Tebow.  It really is not Orton's fault—with no support from the fans, it had to put doubts in his head. 

    Add that to the fact that the Broncos have no real wide receivers to throw the ball to, and that equals a frustrated player.

1. Peyton Manning

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    There has to be no one in the NFL more frustrated than Peyton Manning

    Manning's neck injury has kept him out the entire season so far, and the Colts are 0-5 without him.  The Colts are so bad Manning will likely be shelved for the season because by the time he comes back, the Colts' season will be over. 

    Manning has moved to the sideline to try to help, and the truth is the Colts have played better the last two weeks with Curtis Painter than they did with Kerry Collins.  It still did not help as they have yet to win a game.  There has to be nothing more frustrating than not being able to play to help your team and watching them free fall right before your eyes, knowing you could have helped, but your body is too beat up. 

    For that reason, Manning is an easy top choice for this list.