FC Barcelona: Lionel Messi's Top 10 Moments

Jonathan MaldonadoContributor IIIOctober 12, 2011

FC Barcelona: Lionel Messi's Top 10 Moments

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    Few athletes can boast the accomplishment list of Lionel Messi; even fewer share the countless, and timeless, moments that he shares with FC Barcelona.

    Since his debut in 2004, Messi has been a part of one of the greatest runs of any club soccer team in history. He has seen five Liga titles and the three Champions League titles. All on top of the 50-plus individual accolades he's earned in his professional career.

    Messi is writing history with his feet, something very few people will ever be able to do. 

    Here are his top 10 moments. Feel free to add any of your favorite Messi moments into the comments.

10. Messi's First Goal

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    On May 1, 2005, Lionel Messi scored his very first goal for the Barcelona first team against Albacete Balompié. 

    What makes his first goal all the more impressive and rewarding is how it happened and who was involved. 

    Messi beautifully controls a pass up the left wing and finds help in former Barcelona superstar and Brazilian icon Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho returns a chip pass to Messi, who in turn, chips the ball over the goalkeeper for his first goal. At the time, Messi would be the youngest player to score in Barcelona history.

    The image of Messi piggy-backing Ronaldinho in celebration is an eye-opener to the impact these two players would have in years to come.  

9. Hand of God

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    Although not one of his greatest goals, this moment in Messi's history with Barcelona is one that will live forever.

    Messi has long been compared to fellow Argentine great Diego Maradona, and the two are eerily similar at times. 

    This goal, in which Messi actually scored with his left hand, is almost the same exact play from the 1986 World Cup game between Argentina and England in which Maradona scored in the same manner. 

    It is controversial and the goal should obviously not count, but it's the comparison to arguably the greatest player in the world, in the good and bad, that makes this moment a must know moment. 

8. Messi Helps Secure the Treble

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    A day after the five-year anniversary of his first goal for Barcelona, Messi scores two goals and assists another in a 6-2 victory over Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabèu. 

    The match was to be the deciding game in regard to the final Liga standing, and Barcelona showed who deserved the crown. 

    The Liga title would give Barcelona the treble, the first time ever any Spanish team would do so. The treble goes to the team who wins La Liga, Copa del Rey and the Champions League in one season. 

7. Ballon D'or 2009

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    Lionel Messi was awarded the 2009 Ballon D'or after his amazing 2009 season with Barcelona, the same in which the treble was reached. 

    Messi is one of the most humble and subdued athletes around the world, so this individual award pales in comparison to the Liga and Champions League trophies in his eyes. Nonetheless, this is one of Messi's finest moments as a Barcelona player, one in which his accomplishments are recognized and celebrated.

6. FIFA Ballon D'or 2010

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    In 2010, France Football magazine and FIFA decided to merge their Player of the Year awards and create the FIFA Ballon D'or.

    Lionel Messi became the first player to be awarded the newly merged accolade. What made this ballon special were the second and third place runner-ups, Xavi and Andres Iniesta. 

    The award in no way demonstrates Messi's superiority over his teammates, but proves how important Messi has become on a team full of the world's best footballers. 

5. Messi's Greatest Month

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    It's a bit of a stretch to make an entire month one moment, but in the case of Lionel Messi, we'll do just that.

    From Oct. 20 through Nov. 24, 2010, Messi scored 15 goals in nine games. He scored in every one of those games. 

    Never mind his individual accolades and team titles, Messi went on a tear of flawless football, proving to the world he is indeed the best player alive. 

4. 2011 Spanish Super Cup

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    It lead to one of the ugliest confrontations between Barcelona and Real Madrid players, but at the very moment of the goal, Lionel Messi was on top of the world.

    In the 87th minute of the second leg of the 2011 Spanish Super Cup, everything was knotted up at an aggregate score of 4-4. That is until Messi came flying down the middle of the pitch, into the box and placing a pass from the wing into the back of the net. 

    La Blaugrana would hoist its 10th Spanish Super Cup, all due to the man wearing No. 10.

3. Messi's First Hat Trick

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    At 19 years old, Lionel Messi scored his first hat-trick for the Barcelona first team. 

    The hat-trick came at home in Camp Nou.

    Each time Messi scored, Barcelona was trailing. 

    The third goal came in injury time, ending the game in a draw.

    He did it against Real Madrid.

2. UEFA Champions League 2009

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    The UEFA Champions League final in 2009 saw Lionel Messi score his first goal ever in the championship. 

    The match ended 2-0 over an aggressive Manchester United squad. It would be a significant piece to the treble, an accomplishment only Barcelona can claim. 

1. 4 Goals Against Arsenal

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    Lionel Messi put on one of the greatest performances in soccer history when he scored all four goals against Arsenal in the second leg of the 2010 Champions League quarterfinal.