Boise State Football: Videos That Get You Pumped to Be a Bronco Fan

Chad ScottCorrespondent IINovember 1, 2011

Boise State Football: Videos That Get You Pumped to Be a Bronco Fan

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    It seems every year at about this time, Boise State fans and players are inundated with hateful and angry remarks. It's usually due to the amount of success the Broncos continue to have in the face of a system that really doesn't like the fact that every year, a "small time" team out of Boise, Idaho can actually play with, and win against, the "untouchable" BCS programs. 

    Even this past weekend the ESPN bosses got to one of the Broncos' last holdouts, as Lou Holtz finally gave in to the perpetual hater Mark May and claimed Boise State is unworthy of the BCS Championship. 

    Shame on Lou. At least Mark May has always had contempt for Boise. Mr. Holtz probably just caved to ESPN/BCS pressure. At least we still have Kirk Herbstreit...for now.

    Alas, you should not be down Bronco fans because, of course, the play on the field tells a different story. To cheer you up I have included my favorite videos pertaining to Boise State Football.                                                          

Georgia vs Boise State Hype Video

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    I was pumped up for this game even before I saw this hype video. I love the fact that it was created by a Georgia fan and carries a slight slant in favor of the Bulldogs. It just lends credence to the Boise State underdog mentality.

    The creator of the video sampled some of Boise State's footage from the Boise State preseason hype video as the Broncos took the field in 2008.  Even though this video was made by a Georgia fan it is surprisingly balanced in it's approach, for an SEC fan.

    Great choice in music, as well as some cool footage of Atlanta, and the last time Georgia and Boise State met really builds up the scope of the game and the Kellen Moore fist pump at 2:17 is epic.

    It is definitely fun to go back and look at a hype video of a "powerhouse" team the Broncos dominated.

Boise State 2010 Defense

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    Everyone knows about Boise State's offense and they should.  It has been statistically one of the best offenses in the country over the last ten years.  However, only Bronco fans know how good the Boise State defense is.

    Last year they were No. 2 in the nation, right behind Rose Bowl Champs, TCU.

    Once again Boise State has come forward with an excellent defense and are currently ranked No. 7 in the country.  Here is some love for the Boise State defense.

Boise State 2009 Season Review

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    How great was that season? It seemed like everything was falling into place for the Broncos. Beating Oregon again to prove it wasn't a fluke, going to the Fiesta Bowl to face TCU, and yet another undefeated season.  Awesome. 

    On a side note, both TCU and Boise State should have been given the opportunity to play against a BCS team in a bowl, but instead they forced them to play each other in what turned out to be one of the best bowls of the year.

Chris Petersen: Interior Decorating

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    We know the Broncos have blue turf and we know the rest of the country pretty much hates it.  So what better way to point out the "elephant in the room" than by bringing it to the forefront during ESPN's College Gameday visit to Bronco Stadium in 2010.

    The Blue is awesome and so is this commercial from last year when Oregon State was crushed by Boise State.  

Boise State Broncos 2011 Preview

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    In 2011, after such a disappointing end for one of the best teams in the country, Bronco fans were anxious to see their team go out and prove that year in and year out, Boise State is a force to be reckoned with, and to get some revenge on Nevada.

    This is a great preview to the 2011 season, and though its all highlights from 2010, it helped get us through the summer as we waited for football to begin. Needless to say, the Broncos have lived up to the hype of this video so far.      

Fresno State Fan Finally Snaps

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    This is a hilarious example of how Boise State grows its fan base. People just get tired of their teams being stomped by the Broncos. The funny part is, I'm sure the Boise State section welcomed this disenfranchised Fresno State fan with open arms. 

Boise State vs. Georgia Highlights

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    In the most recent highlight video we can all sit back and marvel at Kellen Moore's work against Georgia, along with the superb defensive effort put up by the Broncos. Since this game, the Bulldogs have worked their way up the rankings to No. 20 and are tied for the SEC East, giving Boise State a nice boost to its strength of schedule. 

    At least this time Boise State was given a little respect from ESPN and the Vegas odds-makers, as they cautiously favored the Broncos in this game. The SEC and Bulldog fans were decidedly less friendly, but that was to be expected. What wasn't expected was how dominant Boise State would be in this game. 

Boise State vs Virginia Tech 2010

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    The quality of this video is outstanding and the game wasn't too shabby either. This ranks right up there with the two Fiesta Bowls as one of the greatest games in the history of Bronco football.

    My favorite part is the final two minute drill and the red X over Mark May's face at the 2:13 mark.  It's always great to watch May eat his words as a BCS team gets carved up by Boise State. 

    Some props go out to andersource as the creator of this video, the 2009 Season Review video, and the Boise State vs. Georgia Highlights Video. 

Boise State 2007 Fiesta Bowl Highlight Video

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    Every time I see this video I still get a little bit anxious that the Broncos may not pull it off. This moment in time may be the single greatest moment in the history of Boise State football and that includes its national championship. There is a reason this game is an instant classic and ranks up there as one of the best college football games in history.

    The video jumps around the game a bit but all you need to watch is the last minute and a half. I dare you not to smile when you watch it. Just remember, this was Chris Petersen's first year and Kellen Moore was sitting in the stands as a senior in high school during this game. Who knew it would only be the beginning.