Grading All 32 NFL Teams Through 5 Weeks

Craig HortonCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2011

Grading All 32 NFL Teams Through 5 Weeks

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    After five weeks we have a good idea of how good, or bad, each NFL team is. Each team has played four or five games.

    It's time to pass out grades for every NFL team.

    "A" teams are those who, barring some great misfortune, will be playing in January.

    "B" teams are the legitimate contenders.

    "C" teams are those "bubble" teams who still have a chance, or have been there before and know what it takes.

    "D" teams are the ones who are mathematically still alive, but realistically have no chance.

    "F" teams should prepare for 2012 now.

Miami Dolphins

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    Grade: F

    It's hard to find anything good to say about the Dolphins.

    Chad Henne is out for the season, and Tony Sparano is on the hot seat.

    Note to Dolphins management: If you have the No. 1 pick in 2012, draft a quarterback.

St. Louis Rams

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    Grade: F

    The Rams were expected to contend in the NFC West.

    The schedule maker hasn't helped, and it will probably get worse.

    The Rams next three games are at Green Bay and Dallas, then home for New Orleans.

Indianapolis Colts

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    Grade: F

    Giving the colts an F is like giving the kid who has been sick all year an F. You know they would be better if Peyton Manning was playing.

    Charge the Colts defense with the failing grade. They have given up double-digit leads the past two weeks.

    You can't blame Manning's injury on that.

Minnesota Vikings

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    Grade: F

    The Vikings blew leads of 10, 17 and 20 points during their 0-4 start.

    Donovan McNabb is 19th in passer rating.

    They aren't that bad statistically, but lack focus to finish games.

Arizona Cardinals

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    Grade: F

    Kevin Kolb has not proved worthy of the $63 million he got this offseason.

    He is 27th in passer rating. He has six interceptions and five touchdowns, while being sacked 16 times.

    Worse yet, he only has one win.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Grade: F

    Coach Jack Del Rio released QB David Garrard prior to Week 1.

    Top pick Blaine Gabbert has been starting since Week 3.

    If Garrard were still in town, the record might be better. They have lost to the Panthers and Bengals.

    Del Rio started looking to 2012 early. The Jaguars get an F for doing that.

Philadelphia Eagles

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    Grade: F

    Everyone knows about the "Dream Team."

    The Eagles were the big spenders in free agency.

    With all the talent they assembled, and all the money they spent, to say that this season, so far, has been anything but a failure would be lying.

Carolina Panthers

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    Grade: D

    Cam Newton has exceeded expectations. He has thrown for 1610 yards.

    Only Rodgers, Brady and Brees have more.

    The Panthers were competitive against Green Bay and New Orleans.

    However, they give up 26 points a game, and have just one win.

Denver Broncos

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    Grade: D

    The fans of Denver finally got what they wished for Sunday.

    Kyle Orton was benched in favor of Tim Tebow.

    Despite a comeback, the result was another loss.

    If Tebow starts, maybe he can play defense too.

    The Broncos are 28th, and give up 28 points per game.

Dallas Cowboys

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    Grade: D

    The Cowboys should probably really get an F.

    They have forgotten that football games last 60 minutes.

    If not for blown leads against the Jets and Lions, they would be 4-0.

    Instead, they are 2-2 with a trip to New England next week.

Seattle Seahawks

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    Grade: C-

    The Seahawks don't have any big names on the roster. They don't have a great quarterback. The schedule has been tough, with two trips East already.

    Their record will improve when the competition gets easier.

    Two of their losses were to 2010 Division Champs. The other was to the improved 49ers.

    Their win over the Giants could be a turning point.

Chicago Bears

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    Grade: C-

    It's not that the Bears are so bad.

    It's that others are so much better.

    They have lost to the Packers and Saints.

    The problem is, they will have to beat teams like those to go deep in the playoffs.

     At three games down in their division, the season might be lost.

Atlanta Falcons

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    Grade: C-

    The Falcons have been a major disappointment so far.

    They have already lost as many games as all of 2010.

    They haven't played a 60 minute game yet.

    If they get a lead, they lose it. If they get behind, they come back.

    The season is not written off yet, but they need to show some consistency.

Kansas City Chiefs

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    Grade: C-

    Nobody started worse than Kansas City. The Chiefs were outscored 89-10 the first two games.

    The coach and quarterback argued on the sidelines.

    They have got it together the last two weeks.

    They beat Minnesota, and overcame a 17 point deficit in Indianapolis.

New York Jets

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    Grade: C-

    The Jets are coming off a brutal three game road trip.

    They have won four playoff games on the road the last two years, but lost all three on this road trip.

    If not for their comeback against Dallas, they would be 1-4.

    The Jets are in a hole, but don't count them out yet.

Cleveland Browns

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    Grade: C

    The Browns are 2-2, but does anybody know it?

    They have beat the winless Colts and Dolphins.

    They are buried in the same division with Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

    This week the task will be tough. The Browns will play the Raiders in the first game in Oakland since the death of Al Davis.

Washington Redskins

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    Grade: B

    Believe it, or not, the Washington Redskins are a first place team.

    They are sixth in total defense.

    QB Rex Grossman has avoided the big mistakes.

    Coach Mike Shanahan looks like a genius.

    How they will finish is unknown, but at this point they deserve a B.

Cincinnati Bengals

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    Grade: B

    The Bengals are another team that no one talks about.

    They are 3-2, they start a rookie QB, and the coach has nine lives.

    They are the only team to beat Buffalo.

    Though they might not catch Baltimore or Pittsburgh, they have earned a B for the first five games.

Oakland Raiders

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    Grade: B

    The Raiders would be 4-1 if not for their last second loss to Buffalo.

    They stopped the Texans in the final minute at the goal line.

    Every player on the roster got their chance because of Al Davis.

    With the Raiders playing better, it's a shame that Davis won't be around to see how they finish.

Houston Texans

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    Grade: B

    If yesterday's game was the only criteria, the Texans grade would be lower.

    Despite over 400 passing yards, they blew a 14-6 lead before losing to Oakland.

    It's not a certainty that the Texans are really any good. Two wins came against the winless Colts and Dolphins.

    They were able to beat the Steelers.

    The weakened state of the AFC South will keep the Texans in contention all year long.

Tennessee Titans

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    Grade: B

    Even though the Titans lost big at Pittsburgh in Week 5, they have earned a B for the first five weeks.

    They have maintained a first place tie with Houston in the weak AFC South.

    They gave the Ravens their only loss, and have taken care of business by beating the likes of the Broncos and Browns.

New York Giants

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    Grade: B

    New York lost the opener at Washington.

    Their wins were against the Rams, Cardinals and Eagles.

    Then they let one get away vs. Seattle.

    The fact that they are still in the race in the division gives them a B.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Grade: B

    Forget, if you can, what happened in San Francisco.

    That game was the exception, not the rule. They couldn't be that bad.

    The Bucs have won twice after being down by double digits.

    Despite the game in San Francisco, they have played solid football most of the season.

    That's why they get a B now.

Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Grade: B

    Just when everyone is ready to write off the Steelers, they pull off a big win over Tennessee.

    They were pounded by the Ravens, and beaten by the Texans. They struggled with the Colts.

    Ben Roethlisberger has been injured, and some question the age of the team.

    However, they were in the Super Bowl last year, and have won two Super Bowls since 2005.

    Don't count them out yet.

San Francisco 49ers

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    Grade: B

    The 49ers are for real. They are a complete team.

    It was special teams against Seattle, defense at Cincinnati, and the big comeback in Philadelphia.

    Then, absolute domination vs. Tampa Bay.

    If not for the loss to Dallas they might have an A.

San Diego Chargers

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    Grade: B

    The Chargers continue to win. Unlike previous years, the Chargers have started well.

    The problem is, it's hard to know how good they really are.

    Their wins have come against teams with a combined record of 4-15.

    Even though New England beat them, their season has been good enough for a B.

New England Patriots

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    Grade: B+

    We all know what the Patriots have, and how good they are.

    They earn a B+ because they are better than most B teams.

    Two things keep them from an A—their defense, and the letdown in Buffalo.

Buffalo Bills

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    Grade: B+

    The Bills are the biggest surprise of the year. If they keep it up, Chan Gailey will be Coach of the Year.

    There was the big win against New England, the comeback vs. the Raiders, and the blowout in Kansas City.

    The only letdown was in Cincinnati.

    With the Patriots in the same division, they can't let up.

New Orleans Saints

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    Grade: A-

    The Saints have won four in a row.

    With Drew Brees their offense can put up points with anybody.

    Except the Packers.

    Their loss to Green Bay is the only thing that keeps them from an A+.

Baltimore Ravens

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    Grade: A-

    The Ravens were dominant against Pittsburgh, St. Louis and the Jets.

    Their defense keeps them at the top of the league.

    If injuries could be avoided, Ray Lewis and Company might get a home playoff game.

Detroit Lions

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    Grade: A

    The Lions were expected to be better, but no one expected this.

    It is truly incredible how far they have come so fast.

    A playoff appearance is a definite possibility.

    At this point, they deserve an A.

    Will the Thanksgiving game feature two unbeaten teams?

Green Bay Packers

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    Grade: A+

    The Packers have no weakness.

    Aaron Rodgers is threatening to break Peyton Manning's passer rating record of 121.1 for a season.

    The Packers don't make mistakes.

    Talk of 16-0 has already begun.

    It's probably unlikely, but if the Pack continues at this level of play, who can beat them?