WWE: What Does the Future Hold for the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison?

Jon FisherCorrespondent IIOctober 10, 2011

John Morrison has been employed by the WWE since 2004. He started out on the WWE show Tough Enough and has never looked back.

Formerly known as Johnny Nitro, Morrison has accomplished a lot in his tenure with the mega-company. He is a former ECW Champion, a former World Tag-Team Champion with the Miz, a three-time Intercontinental champion and a four-time WWE Tag-Team Champion with Mercury and Miz.

Morrison has also gone through many nicknames since debuting as Eric Bischoff's manager seven years ago. The Guru of Greatness, the Tuesday Night Delight, the Shaman of Sexy and, more recently, JoMo, are just a few examples.

In the past couple years, the IWC has become fond of his parkour and exciting wrestling style. It is like nothing we have ever seen before. To prove my theory, just view these highlights of last year's Royal Rumble and see Spiderman at work.

As praise fills the air, criticism must be highlighted as well. Everyone—and I mean everyone—is on John about his mic skills.

Granted, that is a concern and need for an IWC darling to succeed, it continues to be the Achilles heel for many superstars: Jeff Hardy and Daniel Bryan to name a couple.

After Miz and Morrison split up, the presumable assumption was that Miz would fall into mid-card obscurity and that Morrison would shine bright.

Quite the opposite occurred, actually, and the same is happened to Rhodes/DiBiase.

That's an argument for another day, however. The man that used to get comparisons to Shawn Michaels from the IWC and continues to job on Raw and Smackdown, failed to live up to many of his fan's standards.

Morrison has yet to win the big one. In my opinion, he will never win the big one. It all started back in the Road to Wrestlemania 27. Trish Stratus was thrown into the tag-team with Snooki and company, while Melina was nowhere to be seen at the Granddaddy of them All.

John, being the current ex-boyfriend of Melina, had to take action. Opening your mouth is never the answer when the boss holds grudges. Remember, before that, Morrison had a great championship match with Miz on the first Raw of 2011, and it looked like a push was inevitable.

The story writes itself, and now we see Morrison taking his frustrations out on twitter. He talked about HHH and his uselessness on that episode of Raw just two weeks ago.

Here is the initial question: what is the future of John Randall Hennigan? He is 32 years old and is in the prime of his career.

Wrestlezone.com broke out a story a couple of days ago announcing Morrison's contract will end in the coming months. No, this will not be as public as the Punk contract-signing.

I feel, though, as if it should be.

John Morrison could be a main-event player and a World Champion in the WWE. There is no question about it.

He has the proverbial "look", the athleticism and his mic skills are improving. This isn't just another Shelton Benjamin case, because his mic skills never improved and he didn't try to make the situation brighter.

The smart thing for WWE is to re-sign Morrison and turn him heel. You saw what it did for R-Truth, and he is now feuding with HHH.

This is directly for Vince McMahon. "Re-watch the tapes of the Dirt Sheet and his heel days on Smackdown and ECW. Unless you want him to be the Thursday Night Delight....

A WWE contract must be issued."


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