Panthers-Buc's: Battle of the NFC South Best

Austin ArnoldContributor IDecember 3, 2008

Panthers and rival Bucs square off in a NFC Monday night rivalry game. With playoff hopes on the line for both teams, this will be an important one to watch. Panthers are 3-2 in this series, but in the last meeting Jake Delhomme threw three interceptions, allowing the Bucs to win 27-3.

This game will come down to Delhomme's ball security. He threw three picks in the first meeting, making the game look like a tip drill. If Delhomme can make smart and accurate throws, the Panthers have a chance of beating the Bucs. Also, the receivers have to hold on to the ball, it'll make it a lot more comfortable for Delhomme.

Antonio Bryant must have his way with Ken Lucas. Antonio Bryant can have a big day if the Panthers defense doesn't get on track. Last week against Green Bay the defense blew assignments, often allowing Donald Driver and Greg Jennings to find gaps in zones and even spots in man coverage.

Look for the Bucs to come out passing early and often, trying to get the Panthers down early. When down, the Panthers rely on their passing game. They are 22nd in the NFL in passing, and seventh running (You weigh the options).

Look for the Panthers to rush the pass. Garcia has been sacked nine times in last two games. With Julius Peppers the Panthers aren't afraid to blitz him.

Outcome: Panthers win, 14-7.