The 50 Most Beautiful Women in Sports for 2011

Timothy RappFeatured ColumnistOctober 13, 2011

The 50 Most Beautiful Women in Sports for 2011

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    There comes a time on a slideshow such as this when you simply run out of adjectives for "beautiful." From the first slide on, these women are the most stunning and lovely ladies you will find in the world of sports.

    And frankly, if I continued to mention that fact, this would be the most boring and lackluster slideshow you would find on the pages of Swagger.

    So while you enjoy these gorgeous athletes, I'll throw around some fun facts, offer a few pick-up lines you should avoid if you ever meet any of these women, and provide a lot of other odd information that might be entertaining (or very well might not make any sense).

    It's zany fun! It's beautiful woman! It's all of this and more when you click "Begin Slideshow."

50. Elena Vesnina

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    Who is she?

     Vesnina is a Russian tennis player currently 66th in the WTA rankings.

    Give me a pick-up line you would use on her (that surely will make you look like an idiot).

     Wanna play doubles?

49. Dominika Cibulkova

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    Who is she?

    Cibulkova is a Slovakian tennis player currently 23rd in the WTA rankings.

    You wouldn't happen to have a translated bio page, would you?

    I would, actually. Here you go:

    Personal Character

    I like on myself: well–being
    I like on others: I like people who don´t fidget
    I hate on myself: impetuosity
    on others: negative energy
    Fulfilled dream: one of my dreams I reached was that I showed I can achieve something in tennis....
    Unfulfilled dream: all I want to achieve in tennis in the future
    Motto: never do to others what you don t want them to do to yourself...

    Stop fidgeting!

48. Belen Mozo

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    Who is she?

    Mozo is a Spanish golfer currently 178th in the LPGA Rolex Women's World Golf Rankings. Oh, and she appeared in that ESPN the Magazine Body Issue that you may or may not have heard of.

    Give me a fan-club sign you probably shouldn't make but will anyway (because you really want to be on television).

    I'm a bozo for Mozo!

47. Sandra Gal

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    Who is she?

    Gal is a German golfer currently 40th in the LPGA Rolex Women's World Golf Rankings.

    Give me a pick-up line you would use on her (that surely will make you look like an idiot).

    You're the gal for me.

46. Beatriz Recari

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    Who is she?

    Recari is a Spanish golfer currently 63rd in the LPGA Rolex Women's World Golf Rankings.

    Is Recari philosophical or anything?

    Oh, she can be. From an interview on 

    13. Are you afraid of anything?
    Fear doesn't exist.

    14. What is one item of clothing you couldn't live without?


    What a perfect follow-up question.

    Ha! Though I am really glad she can't live without miniskirts.

45. Stephanie Gilmore

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    Who is she?

    Gilmore is a professional surfer and recently appeared in ESPN the Magazine's Body Issue.

    I wish I was a professional surfer.

    I hear that. Gilmore really drives that point home during an interview on KCRW’s Guest DJ Project with Liza Richardson:

    SG: The Sundown Syndrome song I love so much because, as surfers, I feel like we really, we get like sucked into this sundown syndrome thing all the time because you're at the beach reminds of being in Hawaii, where we hang out at the beach; you go surfing all day and then it gets to the end sessions where the sun's starting to set and everybody's just in the sand and drinking beers and having fun, and its just the perfect way to end a day. You really think about how spoiled you are to be a surfer and to live that lifestyle.

    LR: You're lucky.

    SG: Yes, very spoiled. 

44. Gaetane Thiney and Corine Franco

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    Who are they?

    Both are soccer players on the French national squad.

    Could you translate that video for me?

    "To us, being featured on a Bleacher Report article done by the handsome and wonderful Timothy Rapp would truly be one of the great honors of our lives. We love that man; he is brilliant. If we could go on a double-date with him—if you know what I mean—it would be very, very exciting. I bet he is really humble, too."

    Your French sucks.


43. Natasha Hastings

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    Who is she?

    Hastings is an American sprinter who won an Olympic Gold Medal in 2008 as part of the Women’s 4×400 meter relay. She also appeared in this year's ESPN the Magazine's Body Issue.

    Give me a pick-up line you would use on her (that surely will make you look like an idiot).

    I know you're fast, girl, but let's take it slow.

    Photo from

42. Kyah Simon

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    Who is she?

    Simon is an Australian soccer player for Sydney FC and the Australian national team.

    She sort of resembles someone, though I can't put my finger on it...

    In the right light, she looks a little bit like Angelina Jolie. If she got all done up and bought some fake lips, she could totally pull Jolie off.

41. Alicia Sacramone

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    Who is she?

    Sacramone is an American Olympic gymnast, was featured in ESPN the Magazine's Body Issue (a theme is emerging here, isn't it?) and is Brady Quinn's girlfriend.

    Brady Quinn? Really?

    Yes, really.

40. Candace Parker

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    Who is she?

    One of the most decorated American basketball players ever.

    She can beat her husband in basketball, can't she?

    Most likely.

    But wait—isn't her husband NBA player Shelden Williams?

    I rest my case.

39. Lolo Jones

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    Who is she?

    Jones is an American Olympic hurdler.

    Any good Tweets from her recently?

    We get the following from Jones' Twitter account:

    a marathoner runner never puts an ipod song on repeat -Japanese Lolo Proverb

    Are you sure Jack Handey didn't hack her account?

    I can't speak to that.

38. Michelle Wie

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    Who is she?

    Wie is an American golfer currently 14th in the LPGA Rolex Women's World Golf Rankings.

    Give me the title of the movie made about her life.

    "Wie Shall Overcome."

37. Skylar Diggins

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    Who is she?

    Diggins is a junior guard for the Notre Dame basketball team. 

    Give me her life in a nutshell.

    I will give you her life in a breakfast analogy. From the Chicago Tribune:

    Since last March, the Notre Dame guard has dealt with a tsunami of attention and Twitter followers and celebrity dating rumors.

    She's just not quite sure what the big deal is anymore.

    "It was cool at first," Diggins said. "I feel like now I'm kind of like cold oatmeal."

    If it makes you feel better, Skylar, I like oatmeal. Even if it has gotten a little cold.

    I'm sure that will be a big relief to her.

36. Louisa Necib

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    Who is she?

    Necib is a French soccer player for Olympique Lyonnais and the French national team.

    What exactly is happening in this video?

    I have no idea, and frankly, I don't really care.

35. Evgenia Kanaeva

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    Who is she?

    Kanaeva is a Russian rhythmic gymnast who won a Gold Medal at the 2008 Beijing Games.

    What exactly is happening in this video?

    I have no idea, and frankly, I sort of think it's awesome. Just watch the ribbon, and tell me that it doesn't start to get trippy about halfway in.

34. Kim Yu-Na

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    Who is she?

    Kim is a South Korean figure skater who won Gold at the 2010 Vancouver Games.

    Athletes always give such lame, cliched answers. I need something better.

    Perhaps you'll appreciate the following excerpt from an interview Kim gave with Time:

    What qualities make you so successful?

    I think I'm a born athlete. My coaches have told me my muscles and body structure are perfect for skating. I was born with a good instrument, maybe more so than the talent. I was lucky my coaches noticed early on and helped me develop that. A lot of people don't know they are born that way.

33. Sania Mirza

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    Who is she?

    Mirza is an Indian tennis player currently 88th in the WTA rankings.

    With a little bit of practice, she'll improve that ranking.

    How right you are. Luckily for you, I've found her hard at work—I think you'll enjoy this video.

32. Gretchen Bleiler

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    Who is she?

    Bleiler is an American snowboarder featured in this year's ESPN the Magazine Body Issue.

    I want to see her in action.

    Your wish is my command. Here we go.

31. Maria Verchenova

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    Who is she?

    Verchenova is a Russian golfer currently 491th in the LPGA Rolex Women's World Golf Rankings

    Give me a pick-up line you would use on her (that surely will make you look like an idiot).

    491th on the Tour, No. 1 in my heart.

30. Caroline Wozniacki

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    Who is she?

    Wozniacki is currently the top-ranked player in the WTA rankings. Beauty and a beastly game—that's what I'm talking about.

    Did you really just write "beauty and a beastly game"?

    I'm ashamed, I really am. Does this make it any better? (That's NSFW, by the way.)

    Not really.

    Let's move on.

29. Hope Solo

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    Who is she?

    No idea, I've never heard of her.

    Stop it.

    Okay, okay. She's the starting goalkeeper for the United States national team, she's on Dancing with the Stars, she makes an appearance in the latest ESPN the Magazine's Body Issue and she'll probably be doing endorsements for Solo Cup soon.

    The beer pong cups?

    Yes, the beer pong cups.

28. Heather Mitts

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    Who is she?

    Mitts is a soccer player for the Atlanta Beat and United States national team. She's also married to longtime backup quarterback A.J. Feeley.

    I'm pretty sure she has a factual inaccuracy on her Facebook page. Can you find it?

    From Mitts' Facebook Page:

    Words to live by...The Dictionary is the only place that success comes before work.

    Let's not forget about the thesaurus, people.

    Such a troll comment.

27. Lindsey Vonn

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    Who is she?

    Vonn is a downhill racer for the United States ski team. 

    Give me a fan-club sign you probably shouldn't make but will anyway (because you really want to be on television).

    You're the only Vonn for me!

26. Gina Carano

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    Who is she?

    Carano is an MMA fighter and one of the few sex symbols who could kick the crap out of you.

    MMA fans are going to kill you in the comments for having her outside the top 25.

    I know. Bring it on, you crazy MMA enthusiasts!

25. Alex Morgan

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    Who is she?

    A soccer player for the Western New York Flash and the United States national team. Morgan is not only the next star of female soccer in America, but—once Hope Solo's run in the spotlight ends—probably the next sex symbol in female athletics as well. 

    That's lofty praise on both accounts.

    Trust me. Seriously, trust me.

24. Josefine Oqvist

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    Who is she?

    Oqvist is a Swedish soccer player for Tyresö FF and the Swedish national team.

    That sure is a fun slideshow to watch and dance along to.

    Insert the Swedish word for "Hooray!" here.



23. Kiira Korpi

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    Who is she?

    Korpi is a Finnish ice skater. 

    Wait—doesn't she have a "Microblog"?

    That's right, she has her own Microblog, which seems akin to taking tweets and making them actual blog entries. Her Microblog can be found here. Her latest entry is from October 2nd:

    Sad about having to cancel Finlandia Trophy...But I'm hoping to get a good & healthy training period, and then be ready to compete again! :)

    We hope you can compete again too, Kiira—we're quite fond of you.

    Quite fond indeed.

22. Heidi Watney

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    Who is she?

    Watney is the on-field reporter for NESN's broadcasts of the Boston Red Sox. 

    She doesn't care for chicken and waffles, does she?

    At first glance, it would appear she is not a fan, no. I'm pretty sure she broke that guy's heart.

    But don't be fooled, folks—her cameraman made her laugh. She loves strange chicken and waffle combinations, really she does.

    How did you even know these videos existed?

    This is what I do, people. This is what I do.

21. Stephanie Rice

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    Who is she?

    Rice is an Australian swimmer and won three Gold Medals at the 2008 Beijing Games.

    What should the title of the next magazine article on Stephanie Rice—or as I like to call it, an excuse to publish a bunch of sexy photos featuring her—be?

    "Of Rice and Men."


    C'mon, I nailed that one!

20. Allison Baver

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    Who is she?

    Baver is an American short-track speed skater.

    She is incredibly hot—why don't more people talk about her?

    Weren't you paying attention? I said she was a speed skater. Nobody cares about speed skating.

    But you are right—she is incredibly hot.

19. Danica Patrick

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    Who is she?

    You know who she is. But for those of you living under a rock, Patrick is a race car driver and does all of those really annoying Go Daddy ads. 

    Seriously, those commercials suck.

    Yes, we all know that. Anything else?

    Um, how about a sexy video?

    I thought you'd never ask. Boom!


18. Kimiko Zakreski

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    Who is she?

    Zakreski is a Canadian snowboarder.

    Did they coordinate their outfits?

    Dude, get with the times—Zakreski's outfit is a white base with black stripes, and the interviewer's outfit is a black base with white stripes. I shouldn't have to explain these things.


    You damn well should be.

17. Anna Rawson

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    Who is she?

    Rawson is an Australian golfer currently 493rd in the Rolex Women's World Golf Rankings.


    That's right.

    So you're telling me there's a chance?

    No, I'm not saying that at all.

16. Anouk Hoogendijk

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    Who is she?

    Hoogendijk is a Dutch soccer player for Bristol Academy Women and the Netherlands national team.

    Give me a pick-up line you would use on her (that surely will make you look like an idiot).

    I'll pay attention to every Anouk and cranny.


    Hey, you asked.

15. Natalie Gulbis

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    Who is she?

    Gulbis is an American golfer currently 119th in the Rolex Women's World Golf Rankings.

    How accurate do you think she is with her wedge?

    Funny you should ask.

    That couldn't have been real...

    No, probably not. It would have been the coolest thing ever if it was, though.

14. Michelle Waterson

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    Who is she?

    The Karate Hottie is an American MMA fighter.

    She has the perfect nickname. If she ever became a professional wrestler—using "The Karate Hottie" as her name, of course—what would her finisher move be called?

    I'd go with "The Waterboard." It would have to be something like the Cobra Clutch Backbreaker, or maybe an inverted Camel Clutch where she crossed her opponent's legs, sat on them, pulled back the chin and rolled onto her own back. 


    Yeah, suddenly my back is sore.

13. Jess Gysin

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    Who is she?

    Gysin is a professional beach volleyball player in the Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series.

    Tequila and sexy beach volleyball players? Me likey.

    Get a hold of yourself, man.

12. Jenn Brown

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    Who is she?

    Brown is an ESPN reporter who can be seen all over the place, from being the sideline reporter on ESPN's Thursday night college football broadcasts to College GameDay.

    Is there anything hotter than a female reporter who is both sexy and knowledgeable about the game she covers?

    No, that truly is the pinnacle of sexy in my book.

11. Biba Golic

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    Who is she?

    Golic is a Serbian table tennis player.

    Table tennis? You mean ping-pong, right?

    I was trying to call it by its proper name, but yes, I mean ping-pong.

    Give me a pick-up line you would use on her (that surely will make you look like an idiot).

    Think you could handle my paddle?

    I shouldn't have asked.

    No, you shouldn't have.

10. Nastia Liukin

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    Who is she?

    Oh, only a Gold Medal gymnast for the United States. U-S-A!

    Give me a fan club sign you probably shouldn't make but will anyway (because you really want to be on television).

    Nastia is Liukin good! 

    I don't know why, but I'm not mad at that one.

    Every once in a while, a pun just hits the spot.

9. Ines Sainz

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    Who is she?

    A Mexican sideline reporter and television personality for Azteca Deportes. She became well known last year when she was interviewing Mark Sanchez and some of the Jets got to hootin' and hollerin' at the beautiful reporter. 

    Why don't you go ahead and insert her name into some song lyrics for me?

    I saw the Sainz / And It opened up my eyes / I saw the Sainz.

    I can't believe you went Ace of Base.

    It was that or Five Man Electrical Band. My options were limited.

8. Ana Ivanovic

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    Who is she?

    Ivanovic is a Serbian tennis player currently ranked 20th by the WTA.

    What are her favorite drinks?

    Seriously, that's your question? Well, since you must know, her WTA bio says the following:

    Favorite drinks are water, orange juice and Starbucks Green Tea Lattes.

    Was it really necessary to list water? Who doesn't like water? That would be like saying "breathing" when listing one's favorite activities.

    He'll be here all week.

7. Michelle Beadle

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    Who is she?

    Beadle is the super-awesome host alongside Colin Cowherd on ESPN's Sportsnation.

    If she had her own band, what would she call it?

    The Beadles ...duh. (Click the link—I even made an album cover for her.)

6. Alana Blanchard

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    Who is she?

    Blanchard is an American professional surfer.

    How else might I know her?

    She is the best friend of Bethany Hamilton, the surfer upon whom the movie "Soul Surfer" is based. Blanchard was there during the shark attack.

5. Maria Sharapova

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    Who is she?

    You know who she is. She currently is ranked 2nd by the WTA. 

    Do you ever look at Maria Sharapova and think, "Damn, this could have been you, Anna Kournikova"?

    If I am thinking about Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova, that's not the thought I'm having.


    I am but a man.

4. Erin Andrews

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    Who is she?

    Oh, just the most famous and gorgeous ESPN reporter and television personality, that's all. Perhaps you've heard of her.

    If you were interviewing Erin Andrews but were only allowed to ask one question, what would it be?

    Will you marry me?

    That's not very professional. Besides, you should avoid questions that  lead only to "yes/no" answers in an interview. Or in this case, questions that lead only to "no" answers.

    I swing for the fences, baby.

3. Maria Kirilenko

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    Who is she?

    A Russian tennis player currently 24th in the WTA rankings.

    She's probably pretty pumped to be the hottest tennis player named Maria in this slideshow.

    While that actually is no small feat, I highly doubt she is reading this. She seems a bit sophisticated for my gibberish, at least based on her WTA bio:

    Favorites include movies Barber of Siberia and Story of a Knight, classical music (especially by Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach or Beethoven), books The Three Musketeers, Twenty Years After, Notre-Dame de Paris, White Fang and short stories by O'Henry.

    You're no O'Henry.

    I'm no O. Henry, either.

    Hell, you aren't even "Oh Henry!"

    I think they get the point.

2. Blair O'Neal

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    Who is she?

    O'Neal is an American golfer working her way toward making the LPGA Tour.

    She is a Bleacher Report favorite—does she love Bleacher Report back?

    Well, she certainly seems to appreciate our fondness for her.

    That's because she is a princess.

    Indeed she is.

1. Sara Carbonero

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    Who is she?

    Carbonero is a Spanish sports reporter and television personality.

    How do you say, "You are the most beautiful woman on this list" in Spanish?

    Usted es la mujer más bella de esta lista.

    Do you think it is necessary to go with the formal "Usted" in this instance?

    Dude, I'm not even sure if that is the proper sentence structure. I just used Google Translate.

    Take us out in Spanish.

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