New York Jets: Bad Start Was Predictable, It Is How the Jets Recover That Counts

Jayson LoveCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2011

Patriots sent the Jets to their third straight loss this weekend
Patriots sent the Jets to their third straight loss this weekendElsa/Getty Images

A head coach earns his money in times of adversity, and now is one of those times for the New York Jets.

It is easy to talk smack, display bravado and talk about Super Bowls when your team is coming off of back-to-back AFC championship game appearances, has what appears to be a franchise quarterback and has a defense that scares any opponent.

However, when those things aren't in place, the critics let you hear about it.  All of the problems become magnified. 

Playing without center Nick Mangold, the Jets O-line was a mess in Baltimore.  The Jets were undisciplined two weeks prior, committing penalties and over-pursuing Darren McFadden in Oakland.

And then they were beaten by the Patriots, the perennial best regular season team in football, in a hard-fought game in New England.

Going into the game, there was talk of unrest among the wide receivers.  It had been reported that the trio of Santonio Holmes, Plaxico Burress and Derrick Mason were unhappy with offensive coordinator Bryan Schottenheimer's play-calling in the last three games.

Jets QB Mark Sanchez, whose praises were being sung after his performance in the playoffs last year and after the team's Week 1 victory over Dallas, is now taking criticism.

The word "unprepared" has been thrown around in the past few weeks, particularly with regard to how the team looked against the Baltimore Ravens and against the running game of the Oakland Raiders.

It is certainly looking bleak in Jet land right now.  However, all is not lost.

No excuses, but not all records are created equal. 

Bill Parcells once said, "You are what your record says you are."  I agree, but only to an extent. 

I believe that your final record is what you are.

Although the Jets are 2-3, their three losses all came on the road against good football teams.

The only game the Jets were favored to win was the Oakland game.  Although they lost in what could be considered an upset in the gambling world, it was Oakland's home opener and the Raiders are a solid football team.

When you go on the road in the NFL, you don't usually win. 

Jets fans have become spoiled with the Jets' performance on the road under Rex Ryan; the law of averages simply had to catch up, especially against solid football teams.

The Jets' next two games are at home, and they should be favored to win both games. 

Meanwhile, New England plays Dallas and then at Pittsburgh, while the Bills play the Giants before their bye.

The Jets deserve the heat they are taking now, but let's see where they stand after a couple of home games before labeling this team a failure.