Oklahoma Deserves It

Tanner BowmanContributor IDecember 3, 2008

Ok... This is becoming my favorite topic. OU deserves it more than Texas. OU has beat almost every common opponent by more than Texas has.

Take OU-OSU for example OU: 61 at OSU: 41. That's 20 points!!! Now let's take UT's game against OSU. OSU: 24 at UT: 28. Look, they were almost upset at home!! OU beat OSU by 20 on the road!!

Now, let's take Texas Tech as a common opponent. Ok... Texas Tech: 21 at OU: 65!!!!! Now, let's look here. Texas: 33 at Texas Tech: 39... wait... that was a loss. Then that gives OU an advantage.

We lost to Texas... But, in the state of Texas. That's kind of like home-state advantage.

Now we beat Texas A&M by more also. We deserve it more. Lisa Horne picked Mizzou over OU. I don't think that will be the right pick. I mean come on they lost to Kansas, OSU and UT. We lost to one of those teams, but by 10. We beat the other two.

Go out (OU fans) and celebrate, because your I think you're going to the BCS National Championship. And celebrate Big 12 fans, because Oklahoma will bring back the National Championship to which conference it belongs, not Pac-10, not SEC, not Big 10, but the Big 12!