Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid Should Be Fired Before the Season Is over

Dan O'BrienContributor IIIOctober 10, 2011

Andy Reid is the main source of the dissapointments in Philadelphia and may not survive the season as Head Coach
Andy Reid is the main source of the dissapointments in Philadelphia and may not survive the season as Head CoachKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles have dropped to 1-4 after a disappointing loss to the Buffalo Bills. The Eagles had their opportunity to tie the game, but their fifth turnover of the game gave Buffalo the ball up seven with 1:49 left to play.

Once again, the Eagles' offensive line and protection looked bad at best, and Michael Vick threw four interceptions. Many fans may go along with Vick's comments that, "it's out of the coaches hands," but I don't buy it.

It is the head coach's job to make sure his players are motivated and mentally prepared for the game. These mental lapses showed especially in the turnovers and the key holding call that brought back a touchdown that would have made the game 31-28 Buffalo.

On Sunday the Eagles weren't prepared which was evident through the offensive line play, Parker's offside, poor fundamentals and poor tackling.

Andy Reid's faults go way beyond this week and into the offseason. The two biggest problems for the Eagles are the offensive line and defense. During the offseason, Reid promoted the offensive line coach to coach the defense.

Juan Castillo, the defensive coordinator, before this year last coached defense for a high school team in 1989. The struggles of the offensive line and defense can be attributed to this move because Castillo had 13 years experience coaching the offensive line and no professional experience coaching defense.

Tony Sparano of Miami has fans calling for his job but he is failing for a different reason. Sparano has little to no talent to work with, meanwhile Reid has a "dream team" that ranks eighth in passing offense, first in rushing offense and seventh in pass defense, but still can't win games.

Andy Reid is 10-9 in his career in the postseason going 0-2 in the last two seasons. Although he has been to the NFC Championship five times, he is 1-4 in those games and lost the only Super Bowl he's been to.

If Reid can't manage wins in the next few weeks and the Eagles fall to 1-5, 2-6 or even worse, look for Reid to be out of Philly.